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Latest interview With SalimaCMoi

SalimaCMoi is a nurse, model and model scout based in walked at fashionweek and worked with Mac cosmetics and many designers. Q: First of all tell us about the start of your professional career? I trained as a nurse. I have worked 3 years in the ER, 1 ... Continue Reading

Latest Interview With Talented musicians Don’t Skip

Don’t Skip are guitar player Serge Meulenberg and songwriter/producer Harald Bruijstens. Serge is currently a full time dad, taking care of his son Teun and spends his spare time on Don’t Skip. Harald works as a professional songwriter, lyricist, vocalist and producer, working with a couple of dance producers ... Continue Reading

All the World’s a Stage

Isabel Kruse has represented her home country of Australia on the international stage as a singer and actress, starring in works as diverse as ancient Greek tragedy to rock musicals to premiering new roles in contemporary American drama. She has toured Australia, the UK, and even the Mediterranean, taking ... Continue Reading

BBH Gang Shares Their Latest Motivation Designs

With a daily growing of over subscribers on Instagram The BBH Gang shares their latest fashion designs, family pictures, customers pictures, and daily inspiration that draws you even closer to their authenticity. We caught up with the CEO to talk fashion, business, and motivation. Why did you start ... Continue Reading

An Interview With Aisha Jones

Her MBA could also stand for Maniacally Buying Apparel. She is a b-school corporate climber turned fashion expert that is part fashionista and part mad scientist in a stylish leopard print lab coat with her patent pending invention, Style Recipe Cards, that guarantees 20 compliments in 20 days. She ... Continue Reading

An Interview With Gaia Passaler

Gaia Passaler
We recently caught up with the beautiful and talented actress Gaia Passaler about her life as an entertainer and her new projects. Here is what she had to say: Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into performing? I first started performing when I ... Continue Reading