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The Best Movies 2020 – Reviewed by Polish TV company Users

New Movies to Stream, 2020

Nowadays, we are overflooded with content. While just a decade ago, choosing a movie was not a great issue, now, it is a real problem. There are plenty of them. Hundreds if not thousands, movies appear every year. Sometimes, after watching a movie, you just feel you should have spent that time for something else.

Thus, we are learning to perform real research to choose the best new movies to watch. We check ratings, read reviews, look for trailers. 

Polish TV has solved the issue of choice in its own way. We have our audience – our clients. And we have asked them to choose the best Polish films 2020. Thus, here are new Polish movies that are worth watching.


Genre: Action

Director: M.J.Bassett

This is an action movie with several plot lines. On a farm in Africa, people breed lions to sell them on the black market. A lioness escapes and kills some people. Meanwhile, O`Hara with a squad moves to Africa to save the captives held by rebels…

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Genre: Drama

Director: Eliza Hittman

This is one of the best 2020 movies indeed. A teenager with her cousin sister travel to New York to make abortion. No, this is not just one more common movie. There is nothing pathetic in it. We are permitted to have a look in the world of a teenage girl who is looking for a possible solution. Among all the new movies to stream, this one deserves your attention.


Genre: Thriller

Director: Vaughn Stein

Lauren gets a very unusual inheritance: a key from a mysterious bunker. She discovers a strange man, and this discovery endangers the life she has got used to. 

Collision Earth

Genre: Disaster Movie

Director: Matthew Boda

A group of scientists goes to the place where a massive asteroid ran is observed. There, scientists find out that a more significant danger is coming!

A Divisae

Genre: Criminal thriller

Director: José Luiz Magalhães

Rio de Janeiro is shocked by a wave of kidnapping cases. Police seem to be helpless. And the anti-kidnapping division has its own secrets.

Downhill (Zjazd)

Genre: Drama

Directors: Nat Faxon, Jim Rash

A couple with their two sons decide to spend a vacation in a ski resort. After an avalanche, their reconsider their values.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Genre: Thriller

Director: Stacie Crawford

Ana stages her death to escape from her jealous ex-boyfriend. However, she has to confront him again to protect her son and her new love.

The High Note

Genre: Drama

Director: Nisha Ganatra

Maggie is an assistant working for a rising star. However, she has always been dreaming of becoming a producer. When she meets a starting singer, she understands that it might be her chance.

American Pie Presents: Girls` Rules

Genre: Comedy

Director: Mike Elliott

The good old comedy reinvented. But this time, the characters are different, and their aims are different, too. You can count on a lot of fun.

Dragonheart. Vengeance

Genre: Fantasy

Director: Ivan Silvestrini

Lukas lives with his family until barbarians kill his mom and dad. The boy decides to take revenge and asks a dragon for help. 

Now, you might be wondering how to watch new movies for free? There are several places where to watch new movies online. One of the best options indeed is to do it with Polish TV Company.