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Summer Shoes Trend

Looking to the bright future of fashion and trying to find out the best and the hottest for the new season, we come to the range of summer shoe trends, which also appeared to be more than just diverse and even more than versatile, colorful and exceptional. What made them unique and special this time was the range of design solutions that were applied in order to renovate the classic forms and shapes and to bring out something fresh and exquisite out of them. Thus, here we are with the total summing list of those spring 2015 shoe trends, which were formed with especially a big number of similar design patterns and shapes used by the most popular fashion designers and houses.This is the first trend we would like to speak about, especially focusing on the meticulous and quite elaborately worked out shoes, coming with a whole range of various design details like sequins, beads, lace elements, transparency plays and much more. The color combinations were also noteworthy, exemplified with both monochrome and sassy looks like in case of all-black shoes, and with color combinations including shades like red, black, and golden.

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