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Every year the OneLegacy Inspire Awards honor authentic and positive storylines about organ, eye and tissue donation. Television shows, movies, documentaries and shorts receive an Inspire Award for a crafting a powerful depiction of their cause. OneLegacy Foundation and Ava’s Heart joined forces for a glamorous, inspiring evening that ... Continue Reading

Heartbreak Moon

stirring up incredible attention off of his 10/10 project called “Heartbreak Moon” this artist gives off a Juice WRLD & Lil Peep aura & emotion the way he vents through his music & captures his audience if you haven’t listened to Gohan The Supreme Kai I suggest listening to ... Continue Reading

Hannah Strumner- Old Phone Line

No one wants to hear the words a few months before the 2020 pandemic at the age of seventeen “you are diagnosed with type one diabetes.”Those scary few words were what I heard and had to deal with every single day of my life. Staying up all night to ... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Pultec Equalizers

Pultec equalizers (EQ) came into the market in 1951 and are among the few gears that achieved a mystery status in the recording world. Like many other professional gears, the secret lies in the circuit design (all-tube) and the distinct way this design allows users to cut and boost ... Continue Reading

Someya Presents Always Here

Official Music Video Out NOW! “Along with being able to channel the anger into the song’s emphatic and dark-tinged production, Someya was able to visualise the feelings she was experiencing and transfer them to film. The music video for ‘Always Here’, which Someya conceptualised herself and co-directed with Sean ... Continue Reading