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Best Dress To Wear In Summer

It is the instinct to show off skin in the summer season either we are working indoor or we love to work outside. So we love to wear sleeveless clothes. We frankly prefer to wear tops during the summer season. Some women love to wear country tank tops because ... Continue Reading


Frekan is “FRESH STYLE FRESH ATTITUDE .” The word Frekan originates from the French-creole dialect. Frekan represents you and your uniqueness. It’s who you are and how it symbolizes you. It represents your attitude and sense of self. Frekan is casual but sharp. Portray yourself, your attitude and your ... Continue Reading

The Rosé Lifestyle

In April 2017 when ‘The Rosé Lifestyle’ Instagram page was created, the primary aim was from the beginning to build a brand that represents the fabulous vibes around Rosé. Mostly, travelling the world, living the dream and enjoying life. Six months after The Rosé Lifestyle was launched on Instagram ... Continue Reading

Types Of Fashion Models

Do you want to be a model? Are you confused about the types of modeling you want to choose? Here we will describe the different types of modeling you will find in the modeling industry. Some models only fit into one category, while another model may fit into multiple. ... Continue Reading