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Interview with KAIYA, NewYork-based electronic-indie-pop artist


What are your favorite electronic musicians, producers?

The one and only FKA Twigs. I can listen to her music on repeat over and over again, she’s unbelievable. I also respect that fact that she does a lot of production and videos herself… she is a real goddess.

What is a remix for you? Original song is not enough (lol)?

The original is always the original. You love it like the first impression. When you start, you never know what you will get at the end.. But I do love the idea of another take on it, another chance. Like asking what would the song sound like in a parallel reality? I also love giving it another great beat… one that really makes you move and shake, tap

your feet, grab somebody and dance, filling up the room with new emotions.

So often just the original take is not enough)))

Two remixes – so cool!! Why two though? not one?

I got too excited about parallel realities for the song, and I couldn’t choose one direction. So we have it all now…:)

Any plans for more remixes?

You never know what you will wake up to… Let’s make it interesting 🙂


Such a great combination, modeling and putting out new music and some cool remixes! The fashion week has just happened. What have you been doing, working on?

Thank you so much… I’m actually very busy and happen to be all booked. So I couldn’t do any shows this season, as much as I’d love to. You just can’t be everywhere at the same time, unfortunately… And I hate being late.

However I did see some shows after work … and it was super exciting for me to be on the other side of it, in the audience, watching all that work people had to put together for just a couple minutes of a show …

Who would you play your remix to first of all?

My team that I’m working with. They get it first. I want to share with them, see their reaction, their eyes. But it’s not a secret, I love sharing my music with the whole wide world.

Much love, your Kaiya

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KAIYA – “Gimme” (ÅMBE & ADMRL Remix)

KAIYA – “Gimme” (ÅMBE Remix)

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