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Address: M. M. Alam Rd, Lahore


Pakistani fashion designer Shamoon Sultan of “Khaadi” believes success comes before work. Peculiar thought, but works well for him. Modest and effervescent, this Pakistani fashion designer is equipped with extraordinary entrepreneurial abilities.Like other Pakistani fashion designers, this Pakistani fashion designer faced problems in the beginning, but made it through and managed to make Khaadi” evolve into a favorite brand in Pakistan.



Pakistani Fashion designer Shamoon Sultan was privileged with opportunities including his father’s finances, his architect uncles’ support Arshad and Shahid Abdulla and the encouragement of Noorjehan Bilgrami, while still a student.Seeing everyones liking for traditional handwoven fabric, Pakistani fashion designer Shamoon Sultan of “Khaadi” , using the fabric with his creative skills in vibrant colors, catchy designs and trendy styles created “Khaadi” (1998).Pakistani fashion designer Shamoon’s “Khaadi” is considered one of the phenomenal brands, with outlets across 3 cities locally. The relentless efforts of this Pakistani fashion designer paid off well.


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