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Two Hospital Guards Arrested For Stealing Hormones For a Gym

The National Police have arrested three men in Jaén , two of them security guards who were performing their service in the hospital, as alleged perpetrators of the theft of medicines that, presumably, they later sold to the person in charge of a gym in the town of Torredelcampo who also He was arrested. The hospital management had detected anomalies in the pharmacy that dispenses the medicines to the sick, and reported that something strange was happening and that the inventories did not add up. The open investigation made it possible to intervene, in addition, other medicines of high economic value that had not been detected.

At first, the management of the hospital in Jaén had detected that units of certain drugs were missing, specifically ARANESP,substance that is used in the treatment of oncological , hematological and nephrological patients . However, ARANESO may have other uses, with the usual danger drostanolone propionate for those who take it without a prescription, such as improving sports performance by being considered a doping agent. Focusing suspicions on two sworn guards, he first became aware of the one who worked In turn, the latter hired the services of a detective agency that issued a report identifying the two security guards who entered the pharmacy’s cold room with a bag in which they inserted testo enantat kaufen different boxes of medications. With this report, two managers of the hospital went to the police station to report the events on the 17th. The assessment ofthe stolen exceeds 13,000 euros since the thefts could have been taking place since the end of last year. The agents One of them acknowledged the facts alleging that he was doing it for financial reasons. Both had access to all the keys of the hospital center, including therefore those of the pharmacy, being prohibited from accessing and using the identification card. The detainee told the officers that he was training in a gym in the town of TorredelcampoIt was there that she met an individual with whom she entered into a habitual and cordial relationship, to whom she related the problem she had with her son’s illness. Given this, the person in charge of the gym showed him a photograph of a medication, telling him that if he got it, he would buy it for him, thus, every time he gave him the medication, he gave him between fifty and eighty euros , money that was allegedly distributed both watchmen.

However, the person in charge of the gym, told the agents that on Christmas last year, a person came to his premises asking directly for him, saying that he worked in a hospital center and that he could get and supply growth hormones, showing interest in the offer, since it would do him good in the practice of bodybuilding , since these medicines favored muscle mass, reaching the point of paying up to 10,000 euros for the substances. Three boxes of a medicine different from the one reported were intervened in the gym; it was OMNITROPE whose real commercial value is 286 eurosthe box of 5 milligrams, being that of 10 of 572 euros. The investigators asked the person in charge of the pharmacy about this medicine and how the lack of it had not been detected. Apparently, computer failures in the pharmacy control system reported the existence of a large quantity of this substance when in reality there were no stocks, therefore, the hospital center management had opened an investigation to find out where the aforementioned drug had ended up.