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Spreading honey love!

Singer Eye’z does an #unboxing video for RnB Singer Tracy Cruz who just started a natural raw Honey Line.   The Honey looks tasty and as sweet as the vocal stylings of Tracy Cruz. Tracy Cruz and Eye’z are both GRM Award winners and are the top singers in ... Continue Reading

Someya Presents Always Here

Official Music Video Out NOW! “Along with being able to channel the anger into the song’s emphatic and dark-tinged production, Someya was able to visualise the feelings she was experiencing and transfer them to film. The music video for ‘Always Here’, which Someya conceptualised herself and co-directed with Sean ... Continue Reading

How To Get Glittery Nails

Glittery nail polish is objectively awesome, even if you’re the sort of person who takes a minimalist approach to makeup. It’s sort of the exclamation point of the beauty world — non-essential but supremely punchy when used right. The primary problem with using glitter-flecked polish, though, is that takes ... Continue Reading