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The Wolf Cook

The Wolf Cook is a new cooking show creating waves in the industry, primarily because of its novel concept that has never been seen before in this space. Presenting a unique idea coupled with delicious dishes from the southern part of the country are some of the distinguishing features ... Continue Reading

Keto Diet For Beginners

You might have heard about the keto diet and wondered what it is that has gotten the entire world under its spell. From celebrities like Halle Berry to common people, millions across the globe swear by this diet and for a good reason. Though your logic might seem to ... Continue Reading

How to cook with the rice cooker

Rice cooker is one of the best appliances to cock rice in an effective way. Though it is specially designed to cock rice, It can help you to prepare or cock some others food item also. It is a modern cooking appliance with an automatic timer that can automatically ... Continue Reading

If I Can Cook It So Can You !

You probably know how hard it is to come up with fresh ideas every day you cook. It can be very difficult. But this book could solve your problems! It’s your chance to get your hands on some of the recipes created by the popular food blogger, Nick Davies.  ... Continue Reading

How To make Perfect Coffee

How to make a Cafe Mocha. Now all this is, is basically a latte or cappuccino with chocolate in it. So you start off with a high quality cocoa. Something that’s not too sweet is nice, but just a little bit of sugar so that the cocoa flavor mixes ... Continue Reading