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An Interview With Aisha Jones

 Aisha Jones

Aisha Jones

Her MBA could also stand for Maniacally Buying Apparel. She is a b-school corporate climber turned fashion expert that is part fashionista and part mad scientist in a stylish leopard print lab coat with her patent pending invention, Style Recipe Cards, that guarantees 20 compliments in 20 days.

She has worked as a wardrobe artist on music videos, photo shoots, fashion shows, and pageant styling. If you asked her what her one wish would be, her answer would be a dressing room mirror that erases cellulite followed by world peace. (In case anyone from the U.N. is reading this, she wants them to know that world peace is a close second, practically a photo finish.)


She is trying to make the world more stylish one outfit at a time and offers a free makeover at


Expertise: All things fashion, style, and working for the man to feed your fashion habit

Publications: Book “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Makeover” available on Amazon

Media Experience: Fair to middlin’

Memberships: Sustainable Style Foundation, National Association of Self-Esteem, former Accessories writer for San Diego Examiner

Education: MBA from Pepperdine University and a diploma in professional styling for TV, film, and photo shoots.

Where can someone watch this video style series?

You can watch it on my YouTube channel in the Pop Tart playlist. Link to YouTube channel You can also follow along on my blog at

Which one is your favorite?

The one with Queen Bey for sure. Love her. Completely obsessed – almost to the level where it is an unhealthy obsession.

Can a grandmother really take style cues from a Rihanna outfit?

Absolutely, in the Rihanna case study there is a light blue dress for a wear to work look that is inspired by the light blue sheer dress she wears in her Needed Me music video. The light blue dress is paired with red high heels and a red handbag. That outfit is hot. All your coworkers would envy if you came to work in that. It would bring out all the haters. And a grandma could wear this wear to work look.

Who is someone that needs to tart up their wardrobe?

Oh my gosh, everyone. I am so bored by most people’s outfits.  I would say even someone that is on the show “My 800 lbs Life” could tart it up. But it is for someone who goes “I used to dress cute”. I hear that all the time. Now I show you how dress cute again.

What is a video style series?

Instead of just making one-off videos on topics such as what to wear with leggings, I make a series based on a particular topic and create a video playlist for example on accessories everyone should own or how to have a balanced wardrobe based on you style personality.

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