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How to fix a recliner chair

 recliner chair

A reclining chair is a chair that gives you relax and comfort when you want one. But when this recliner gets broken, it is the most frustrating moment for anyone. A reclining chair is mainly for resting and enjoying a refreshing moment from some time in the busy life. You may get anxious on how to fix the best recliner reviews recliner chair? No worries, it is really easy to fix a recliner. You have to determine what kind of fixture needs your chair.

Know the problem:

When you need to fix a recliner chair, you have to know the problem. Like-

  •    Do it needs structural repairing or little repair like a scratch, splits or cracks? Structural repairing a means large splits, bent frame, and wrecked springs.
  •    The recliner chair condition is repairable or you have to replace it fully?

When do you need to fix it?

You have to know when is the time that your recline chair needs fixing. I am giving some examples of problems. If you are experiencing this problem then your recliner needs fixing.

  •    When you are seeing the recliner is stuck, it is high time to fix it.
  •    There is a system in the recliner chair that it can be opened or close when you need. The spring and hinges work with it. If you see you can’t close the chair than it needs to fix.
  •    The chair is not locking then you know it needs to fix.

Steps to fix recliner chair:

  •    Know exactly what the problem of the recliner is. Then select the fixing tools for repair.
  •    If you get loose screw than tightening it with a screwdriver. But know the type of the screw.
  •    If you see the screw is missing then get the proper size and replace with a new one.
  •    While searching for a problem, if you see the bolts and nuts are loose then take an adjustable wrench and tighten it.
  •    You can also replace a new nuts/bolt if any nuts/bolt is missing.
  •    In a recliner chair, you will get a handle that controls the footrest. This handle sometimes gets loosen. When you get the problem than tightening the handle fasteners. It will work.  If the handle gets broken, then match the brand name and size and replace it.
  •    If your recliner is wood made, then wood crack is a common problem of the wood. Fixing is easy and quick. Take wood glue and clamp. Then use the wood glue and after that clamp the area. Let the glue dry. It is fixed. If you find the wood is broken then you have to replace it with a new wooden pattern.
  •    Sometimes you will find the base is metal made. It can’t be repaired. If possible try to replace the metal base with a wooden one. Take a wooden pattern to fit the base as the same size of the chair. Then fix the base.

  •    The fabric tends to get holes or tears after frequent use. If you face it then you can fix it by using same color, material and pattern patch on the problem place. You will find some sticky patches. Cut it the patch and place it. You can fix the patch by using glue also.

Tips to fix recliners:

  •    When you are facing a closing problem, at first see the mechanism and find any damaged wire or springs. Look for loose bolts or nuts. Fix it. If the problem is severe than call a mechanic.
  •    If you are not able to close the recliner chair, first put extra weight to open it. If it doesn’t open then it needs to go the garage. Sometimes the metal gets stuck for rusting problem. Use some oil to keep the metal flexible. Do some dusting frequently. It will keep the chair dirt free.
  •    Look for a faulty lock if the chair has locking problem. Try oil on the lock system. It might work.

It is not a hard thing to fix a recliner chair. Just determine the problem and you can fix it easily.

A recliner chair is mainly popular for taking rest for some time. Nowadays we have no time to take rest or even sit for some time. As we lead a very busy life and we tend to go on and on. But our body and mind need some rest. This little rest means a lot for our body. You can see for not taking rest your body invites so many diseases. So to avoid these diseases you have to give your body rest. There are many kinds of the recliner in the market. There are not only recliner chair, you will get recliner sofa also. The sofa is more comfortable than the best zero gravity chair. Pick the one that suits you.

If you are new with a recliner chair than you will have this question how to fix a recliner chair and it is obvious. Because we have the misconception that it is very hard to fix any recliner chair. But to be honest it is as simple as it takes time to say. Just you have to own some home improvement tool in the home. You can fix any little problem like, scratch, tear, and crack easily with the tools in the home. If the problem is not fixable in the home than you may need help from repairing service.  Just identify the problem properly and fix your favorite recliner chair. It is for your own health good. Try this chair, it is really worth it.

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