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Perfect Complexion Products By Julie Robins

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Girls Mag : Tell us About You Julie Robins ?

My name is Julie Robins and I am a custom compounding skin chemist with 44 skin transforming products that are aesthetic grade for home and professional use.

Girls Mag :What is Perfect Complexion ?

Perfect Complexion is an exciting concept that not only reverses the aging process of the face but also addresses scars, pigment, melasmas and a host of other conditions that cause facial atrophy. Sold worldwide for over 17 years we were the first to pioneer a home TCA Peel and TCA Cross kit saving our clients thousands of dollars in aesthetic fees. Our peels and serums created to yield fast results with no down time.

Girls Mag :Tell us about the results ?

You will see remarkable results even after your first application. The secret to our ingredient deck is bioidentical compounds mixed with active ingredients that are literally mixed to order. The shelf life is long but it starts on the day you order. We customize for free and will add or remove anything at your request.


Girls Mag :How can our fans reach  you ?

I am always available via phone, text, viber or Skype and offer quick and free skin consults which may result in a suggestion that does NOT involve my product line. I am honest, hardworking and double degreed in chemistry and paramedical aesthetics!! Each order has free samples of what I feel would benefit your skin. The more information you give me with your order about your skin goals the greater the customization!

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