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Are basketball shoe good for running

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There was a time when everyone used one shoe for every purpose like – walking, running and jumping. There was no complain and everyone was happy with it. But this modern time has changed everything. When you are in a shop you will just wonder which shoe is for what use. Yes, every activity has different shoe. There is a shoe for walking only, different shoe for running and the list goes on. You may have the question does it really matter to get a different shoe for different activity?  Actually, the answer will be yes. Because everyone’s walking system is not same. Different person has a different style. So they have to pick a walking shoe per their walking style. As basketball shoe is a sports shoe, some tend to use it as running or walking shoe or for best basketball shoes for kids as well.  Is basketball shoe good for running? Let’s look for the answer together.

What to see in a shoe while selecting as a walking shoe:

  •    Unplanned walking:

This walking is not preplanned. So it can easily guess that the walking will be going for some time. So no need to look for the extra comfortable shoe for casual walking.

  •    Race-walking shoe:

This walking is more than race. You have walked with speed using your whole body muscle. So you need a perfect comfortable shoe for your walk. This shoe has to be flexible and comfortable.

  •    Lengthy walking:

This walking goes for the long day. So you have to pick the right shoe for this kind of race. The important part of this shoe is the fitting of the shoe. Don’t use too fit or too loose shoe. It is not good for your feet health.

  •    Hiking shoes:

There is a big difference between hiking shoe and walking shoe. The hiking shoe has to be rough and tough to bear all kind of roughness. Walking shoes are not made from so strong material.

These are the activities you want to do with your shoe. So you have to pick the right shoe. It is very important to select the perfect one or else you may suffer from the unwanted incident.

Difference between running shoe and basketball shoe:

Running shoes are comfortable and light. This shoe is perfect for a long distance run rather than short running distance with sudden turns. It is not good at speed and changing direction. This shoe is comfortable, light and flexible. You can run long miles without any problem with a running shoe.

As for basketball shoes, the shoe has to keep the player in speed and help to move in a sudden direction. In the game, the player needs to jump and run frequently. So the shoe has to shock absorber and keeps the ankle protected.

So if you want to run a long distance you have to choose a running shoe than a basketball shoe. Because a basketball shoe is not designed to let you run for so long time and your ankle will get hurt if you run with the basketball shoe.

The basketball ball shoe sole is designed for wooden floor, not a road. The quality of the basketball running is heavy and it is not easy to run with a heavy shoe. They are perfect for giving you speed and turn in a court but can’t give you a full-time support on the road.

If you go for 2-3 miles for one or two days, then you can run with a basketball shoe. But if you want to run for a long time and long day than it is better to switch to a running shoe. if you have pain in knee or ankle than don’t dare to run with a basketball shoe.

What normal mistakes we do while selecting a running shoe:

  •    We just select a random shoe and go for walking or running.
  •    Not choosing the right shoe for right action.
  •    Using it for a long time even they need to get replaced.
  •    Just selecting any workout shoe without any information.

So you can guess a basketball is not a proper shoe for running. You have to know the difference between a walking shoe and basketball shoe. Do some research and talk to experienced doctors. It will help you a lot to gather information.

A basketball shoe is a popular shoe for its look and features. As the shoe looks heavy and strong people tend to use it as running shoe. But it is totally wrong. For walking, you need to use your every muscle for work out. Actually walking is a part of the exercise. Some may walk for their treatment. So it is totally different. You can’t just pick a random shoe and start for walking. You have to know your purpose for walking and how many miles will you go. By this, you can guess what the shoe will be perfect for your running. So when you are going for long-running than pick the perfect running shoe. Don’t try the best basketball shoes for ankle support. It will do no good for your workout. You will face damage more than good. You may suffer from body pain or joint pain. So after all the consideration the answer of the question are basketball shoe good for running is no, the basketball shoe is only good for sports and style. It can’t be used as walking shoe for its hard feature and security. So pick the right shoe for your walking and enjoy a healthy life.

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