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Celebrity Beauty Secrets You Didn’t Know


Celebrities need to stay beautiful as the public eye is on them. They can’t afford to look ugly in front of the cameras. Some of them resort to plastic surgeries to stay pretty while some oher celebs have odd beauty secrets that will shock you (that’s why they prefer to keep it a secret). Here’s the list:

Leeches treatment

In Austria, there is a beauty treatment that will detoxify your blood. Demi Moore used it. The treatment isn’t for the weak of hearts though. We’re talking about highly trained leeches crawling on your skin. That’s right, real blood-sucking leeches. You can really feel their bite, and see them growing fat feeding on your blood.

Red Wine

Who says red wine is only for cooking and drinking? Teri Hatcher from the Desperate Housewives uses it in her bath. She soaks in a warm bath mixed with red wine. The polyphenols in grapes can actually help you get glowing skin, and they’re quite effective. Thanks to Teri for the tip! Now I know what else I should do with my wine.

Beer for healthy hair

Catherine Zeta- Jones once modeled for Lux shampoo, but she actually uses beer for her hair. Hmm, looks like she lied on her commercials. She says beer is really good for the hair. I’ve been watching Catherine Zeta Jones, and she does have pretty hair. So I’ll take her word for it.

Catherine Zeta- Jones is also known for her botched plastic surgery procedures. More: plastic surgery gone wrong – The 75 worst plastic surgery stories ever.

Gold Facial

If you have an extra $1500, why not use it to get a facial like what Maria Hatzisefanis did? Albeit expensive, it really works. The expensive metal is said to have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits that once helped Cleopatra. If rulers can do it, we can too.

Ice water for the skin

Not all celebrities resort to expensive treatments. Kate Hudson uses ice water for her face to keep it from looking tired and stressed out. This is what she does after a long weekend night. It brings back the color to her cheeks.

Vodka for a Mouthwash

If you’re on your way to work, stick with Listerine. You might get fired if you use Vodka. Victoria Secret models use this as mouthwash. They say it fights bad breath. It keeps the teeth white too.

Mayonnaise for hair conditioning

If you don’t like beer, why not use mayonnaise for your hair? They’re quite effective actually. I think other people know about how effective it is for the hair. I just can’t believe some celebrities do use it. The procedure is also cost-effective. It’s what Zoe Saldana uses to keep her hair beautiful.

Bird poop for facial

While some say Snooki uses kitty litter as a facial scrub (which is really disgusting), Victoria Beckham uses bird poo for her facials. The treatment they say, repairs your skin. It’s not only Victoria who has tried this treatment; Tom Cruise did too. And they seem to enjoy it.

If these beauty secrets work for the celebrities, it might work for us too. The question though is not whether the treatment is effective or not – but rather, will we do it? Are you ready to smell bird poop all over your face? Nah, I prefer just watching birds.

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