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5 Problems About Nail Health, Are You Experiencing It?

How to protect the nails, is a topic that lots of nail art fans concern. Nail health is easy to be ignored, in fact, the nail is very fragile, like people’s feelings, we need to be very careful to maintenance it. These 5 common problems, are you experiencing it?


About manicuring

Nails need to be manicured frequently, which can prevent the accumulation of dirt within the nails, in addition, the time to manicure is also very particular, it’s better after the bath, because the nails is softer at this time, and easy to manicure, the suitable length to prune is can not see the edge of nails when plams up. Then use a rasp to smooth the edge of the nails with appropriate strength, the best shape is oval, because too pointed nails are easy to break, and weaken the toughness of nails.

About Cuticle

At first I want to tell you, what is cuticle? Cuticle is a transparent thin skin covered in the nail at the end of the layer. Its role is to protect the bottom of the nail matrix growth, to prevent water, foreign matter and bacteria into the growth center, and affect the growth of nails. If you remove this cuticle when design nail art, then it is possible to get a paralysis caused by nail deformity. So when you find your nails atrophy or disappear,  soak in warm water every day for 10 to 15 minutes, gently dry with a hot towel, massage along the direction of nail growth, can make the cuticle re-grow.

About nail fracture

The reason that the nail is easy to break is the lack of water, we can apply olive oil in the hands to massage before going to bed, to achieve moisturizing effect. In addition, in the situation of rich, we can buy nail repair cream which contain the composition of acid or phospholipid, smear once every other day, to protect your nails better. Another point to emphasize, some of the ingredients in the nail water will make the nails rough and broken, less is better.

About the surface of nails is not smooth

Nails is a mirror that reflects our physical condition, when nail surface is not smooth, main performance is horizontal stripes, if there is such a phenomenon, you have to be careful, most likely you are uneven in the diet, so don’t picky eating any more and supplyment more vitamin. In addition, life stress or poor sleep can also lead to nail surface is not smooth, therefore, good habits is the key to protect nails.

About dead skin and barbs around nails

We have to regularly clean the dead skin and barbs around nails, remember use professional nail tools such as nail clipper, cuticle pusher tool, nail art file buffer. Never tear it directly, or it is easy to damage the skin, lead to bleeding and other phenomenas, cause inflammation.

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