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How To Sell On eBay


eBay is known as one of the largest trading sites in the web. Millions of people perform their sale, purchase and other operations within this online market every day. The range of products, which can be sold or purchased on eBay, include electronics, books, clothes, vehicles and sometimes really bizarre items.

It is possible to lead a successful business on eBay that brings a sufficient income in order to leave the regular job. The beginners, of course, start using eBay to gain additional revenue and to get rid of unnecessary items lying idle at home.

So, if you want to know how to sell on eBay, you are offered with the following recommendations stated by the successful eBay users.

  1. Select a marketplace

eBay is available in local and global versions. Local version provides payments in the local currency and other functions useful for the localized are. You may try both of them, however, it is easier to begin your activities with the local one.

  1. Your store

Create a special and appealing page of your store to attract more visitors and popularity. It is recommended to make a page in a theme related to the kind of items you are going to sell.

  1. Description of products

The product description is the essential part of advertising your items. Make sure that 3 relevant keywords are integrated in the title of products. The description itself should be not less than 200 words. A detailed and interesting description containing all possible peculiarities of an item will be ranked higher in the search. The major keywords should be located at the beginning and in the end of the description.

  1. Inviting photos

The first thing that is interesting to any user is the appearance of your item. Therefore, make sure to prepare 12 inviting and attractive photos of your product. Why 12? It is the amount limited by eBay. It is also recommended to refine the quality of your item’s pictures using some special software.

  1. Price analysis

So, you have everything prepared but price. Make a search of similar products on eBay or other trading sites in order to learn the price range. Pay attention to the prices of the sold and unsold products, since some prices may be overestimated. During this search, you may find not only the price, but some information to be used in description of your item.

  1. Price model

eBay allows several ways to sell your product. Thus, you may choose a fixed price model that includes the price of your item and shipping costs and has no time limits. This model has the largest share among all eBay’s operations.

The other option is the auction. By choosing this option, you limit the time of sale and set a starting price for you item. The bidders make their offers in ascending order until the established time. The winner of the auction is the bidder, which offered the highest price. Auctions are a perfect solution for limited edition or rare items. Nevertheless, the auctions entail some risk of selling the item for the price lower than you expected.

Follow the tips above and win success in your eBay business.


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