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What You Should Know about Wax Strips


Waxing at home is super easy with wax strips.  Hair is removed from the root so you will enjoy silky smooth skin for up to 4 weeks and by using the strips on a regular basis you will notice fewer and thinner hairs growing back. There is absolutely no mess involved which makes this method totally convenient and ideal to pop in your travel bag when going on a long holiday.

Different Wax Strips for Different Body Areas

It’s necessary to use relevant wax strips for different parts of the body as some areas are more sensitive so the composition of the strip contains nourishing oils and components that will care for the skin after the procedure.  The bikini area and face are the most delicate so is necessary to use a specific waxing application for these areas.

Wax strips are the most suitable form of wax for sensitive skin as they are far less aggressive than other forms of waxing. The less you pull on the skin during the wax, the less irritated the skin will become.

Applying Wax Strips to Different Areas of the Body

The same method applies to each area of the body, although some require a few specific tips which we will go through.

Thoroughly clean then dry the area, a thin layer of baby powder or talcum powder can be applied which will absorb any moisture on the skin.

The Method:

Warm the wax strip in your hands. (rub only 5 seconds with Veet; which are one the best wax strips on the market)
Separate the strip from the protective cover.
Apply the strip in the direction of the hairline.
Firmly press the strip down.
Hold the skin so that the area is tight and rip the strip off in the opposite direction of the hair growth quickly in one swift motion.

The same strip can actually be used several times until you notice that it is no longer removing hairs effectively.

It hurts, for some more than others but it removes the hair from the root meaning you can enjoy being hairless for up to four weeks.

The skin must be completely clean and dry before the procedure. Make sure there is no residue from deodorant.  When removing hair from your armpits, it may difficult on your own, so help from another person would be ideal so they can hold your skin tightly and sharply remove the strip for you.

Arms, Legs, Belly & Back
Obviously, it’s necessary to have assistance when removing hair from your back, but the other areas will be manageable on your own.

Removing Facial Hair
Ensure your face is completely clean, dry and that there is no makeup remains. Steam the skin on your face before waxing this area to open up the pores.

Facial removal products should be specific to that area in order to slow down the growth of that area and lighten the hair. These specific products also help deal with the regrowth of dark, coarse hair.

Bikini Area
The skin should be cleaned and steamed. Depilation of the bikini area is recommended to be done in a salon by a professional as this is a delicate and sensitive area and will be painful under any circumstances.

After the Wax:

Remove wax remains from your skin with oil.
Moisturize your skin daily after the waxing treatment with tea tree or lavender (not concentrated), as the follicles are open and prone to infection.
Exfoliate regularly using an exfoliating glove. Twice a week is sufficient.

Have a hot bath for 48 hours; also avoid saunas, steam rooms.
Spend excessive time in the sun for 24 hours.
Carry out heavy exercise for 24hours.
Use deodorant for 24 hours & perfumed products in general.
Wear tight clothing in the waxed areas as it may result in irritation and ingrown hairs.

Those who are new to waxing or have sensitive skin may be more liable to skin irritation or allergy. We recommend carrying out allergy test on your skin 24 hours before the full waxing procedure. Keep an eye on the area, for signs of an allergic reaction or severe irritation.

In conclusion, wax strips are an easy and affordable alternative to getting your body waxed professionally. There’s no need to spend oodles to get rid of unwanted body hair.

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