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Beauty Treatment via Floatation Therapy


Floatation therapy has taken ‘front stage’ in the world of medical science. The psychedelic era concept of sensory deprivation tanks has become a major element in treating a variety of ailments that range from chronic pain, PMS discomforts, injury recovery, arthritis and much more at selected medical institutions and float clinics. According to the European Journal of Integrative Medicine and Bio Med Central the fundamentals of floatation therapy which induces ‘deep relaxation’ is the key to the wondrous results that it produces.

In other words, the mechanics of floatation therapy is not just due to the floatation therapy, but more so because of what the floatation therapy does to the mind.

If you are wondering about what this actually means, let us put it this way, floatation therapy involves removing external stimuli such as gravity (the biggest culprit), sound, smell, sight, heat or even vibrations which usually keeps our brain occupied most of the time. These external ‘disturbances’ keep our mind conscious and alert pretty much all day so that we may be able to respond to the events that transpire around us as well as we are able to muster via our ‘fight or flight’ response system. This constant state of alertness requires a huge amount of mental processing power that leaves our brain drained by the end of the day and by the time we go to sleep, that’s what the brain wants to do – rest!

Thus, imagine if these stimuli are removed when the brain is still alert, no gravity to contend with, no sounds, no vision, and no heat! The amount of brain processing power that becomes available increases exponentially, providing the brain with a much needed break and allow it to focus on our internal biological functions and fine tune them which results in the improvement of everything within us including our blood circulation, our chemical balances and even our thoughts and nervous system dynamics among others. To put matters into a layman’s perspective, the constant ‘stress’ of being on our natural fight or flight response dissipates when you are half submerged in a sensory deprivation tank which enhances relaxation significantly enough to rebalance and reverse the negative impact that was caused by stress.

Apart from that, when a subject is placed in a floatation tank that is filled with an Epsom salt based solution, it increases the levels of magnesium in our system which is not only good for our central nervous system but also enhances the detoxification rate of our bodies at cellular levels. There have been other reports about the positive effects of floatation therapy that have yet to be confirmed, but these reports indicate that floatation therapy does not only slow the aging process, but they also enhance the cell structure of our skin and this was based on the before and after test of regular floaters who did have improved complexions.

Some attribute the ‘better skin theory’ of floaters to increased relaxation and reduced stress which is beneficial based on the fact that stress has a great potential to impair our immune system to an extent that it could hinder our skin’s ability to rejuvenate or heal itself. Others credit the magnesium content and relate the improved skin condition to magnesium being absorbed via our skin during float sessions which assists our epidermis due to its roles as an essential cofactor in bio-chemical reactions that our skin requires in order to repair itself.

Whatever the reason behind the phenomenon does not actually matter, what matters is that it works.

Floatation therapy has actually come full circle over the last century and based on the fact that it is still around and there are hardly any negative reports is indicative that sensory deprivation tanks is where ‘beauty floats’ too.

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