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Marvelous Tourist Destinations in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe become more and more popular. Though, the ancient history of those countries is somewhat overshadowed by their not so distant Soviet/Socialist past. Most of those countries have dark years of communism, with dictators killing people’s freedom and people themselves. Good news is that those times are over and Eastern Europe is open for tourism. So, without further ado we offer you to check the list of top five cities you should visit when travelling to Eastern Europe.


Tallinn, Estonia


This is the best place you should visit if you want to see the fusion of modern and medieval times. Tallinn is one of the best preserved old town in Europe. Because of Estonia has over 800 years of being ruled by Swedes, Germans and Danes it is full of beautiful alleys, old buildings, and steeples. When Estonia was part of the Soviet Union, Tallinn was frequently used for cinema, especially for period dramas. Every time Soviet directors wanted to adapt some French novel of medieval period, old Paris was shot in Tallinn.

While Tallinn keeps its old aesthetic pretty will, it is a perfect place for tourists with a lot of fancy hotels, boutiques, and cafes, moreover it is the city where Skype was invented.


Bratislava, Slovakia


The charming capital of Slovakia is another well preserved old town. It’s packed with castles, old buildings and medieval gardens. All the historic streets of the town is fully-packed with bars and restaurants luring you to appreciate the beauty of the city while having a nice meal with a nice drink.

One of the main tourists’ attractions is the Bratislava Castle. The Salvin Memorial is also one of the city best views. The best time to visit Bratislava is the Christmas period, when you can see the traditional Christmas market and the city’s main square, where you can treat yourself with the delightful mulled wine.

Prague, Czech Republic


If you like to enjoy historic architecture while wandering the maze of stone streets and secret yards, than Czech Republic’s magical capital is the perfect place for you. With it’s spectacular domes and towers, parks and gardens, the city offers you a vast array of different cafes, theatres, museums, and a very interesting night life.

Czech Republic is known for it’s beer, so going there without trying beer and visiting the Letna Beer Garden, would be useless. Other tourist attractions include The Prague Castle and Veletrznu Palac Museum.


Warsaw, Poland


Almost destroyed while World War II, the capital of Poland is full of museums, theatres, and restaurants nowadays. The art galleries are fully blown with extravaganza, while Warsaw’s clubs offers one of the best night lives in Eastern Europe.

If you want to enjoy what has been left after WWII, you should definitely visit the Old Warsaw full of historical buildings.


Kyiv, Ukraine


Western men often travel to one of the oldest cities in Europe to meet gorgeous UA brides, but Kyiv, nevertheless, has much more to offer.

Founded in 482 A.D., Kyiv is arguably the birthplace of Slavic civilization. With a huge array of museums, castles, old churches, libraries, and theatres Kyiv is a magnificent place for those who enjoy old architecture and sightseeings. Some of it’s historic buildings are on UNESCO heritage list.

Kyiv is another example of a great mix of old and new. With the big number of shopping malls and clubs Ukrainian’s capital can satisfy not only those who came for observing old building, but any shopping and night life aficionado as well.


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