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10 White Maxi Dresses You Can Wear to Any Party


According to color psychology white is the color of new beginnings, purity and innocence, wholeness and completion. This is the main reason why it is traditionally worn by western brides, and the reason why doctors wear white jackets. White contains an equal balance of all the colors of the spectrum, representing both the positive and negative aspects of all colors. It offers a sense of peace and tranquility, comfort and hope and helps to relieve emotional disturbances and when men look at you they see the reflection of the color in your character. White is the only color which suits every woman.

Here are couple of white maxi dress ideas inspired by Mark & Roberts Dresses collection.

Victorian Era Style

Make an appearance in this cute maxi dress and you will steal many of hearts. It will make you look sweet with the big rose on the left shoulder. Keep the accessories minimal since the rose made on the shoulder makes it a kind of unique and somehow gives it a Victorian era style which keeps it out of the modest look. Combine it with a pair of beige strappy sandals and crystal bracelet and prepare to shine.

Chic with Floral Addition

If you rock this chic style embroidered with white flower patterns you will certainly differ from each woman at the event.  Long attire in a tea shape like the Carrie Bradshaw style – is that type of maxi dress to impress.  Finish the look with a pair of beige pumps. Accessorize it only with a ring or a simple bracelet.
Bombshell in Body-con

Show up in this tight-fitting attire and you will be hot as hell – eye catching and powerful. This is one of those kinds that you have to be quite daring to wear it. A tight body fitting one that shows off your shape will make a man desire you while you will remain unreachable and show off your curves with dignity and let your form speaks for you. Keep the accessories simple and let all the attention to the figure.

Flirty and Feminine

These are intricate ones and are usually a perfect fit for babes, you don’t even have to be tall to wear it, you just need to be fit and you will sparkle. The white on a maxi dress will only give you a flattering silhouette and this one is going to make your look stunning. It will create a strong persona and it will scream attractiveness. Make your hair look wavy falling right under the shoulders and add light crystal neck jewelry. Trust me, you will sparkle since men love these.

Classy in a Mermaid Gown

This one with a deeply-plunging front will make you the star of the happening taking place. It gives a combination of simple but elegant and the touch of the lace makes it fabulous, classy and glamorous. I would not add any other color to the sandals except some diamond shoes that scream glamor and it will be perfect match with the necklace. Since it is an off-shoulder – you can wear it with gracious necklace to show off your neck.

Sophisticated Flamenco Girl

Prepare to sizzle at the affair. Looking at its figure-made style it gives a kind of a sophisticated flamenco touch while the satin gives it a little more formal look. A long, strapless dress that matches every woman’s figure and height – it has the right form for every woman’s body. Ladies, your dilemma is solved.  You can keep your hair wavy and wear some not so tacky earrings. Wear it with a pair of metallic sandals.

Glamorous in Silk

If you do not own a short or a knee-length dress for the summer, then it is time to go for a maxi! If you tend to make a difference and leave an impression then you will most certainly succeed in it with this amazing long silk attire. An open V-neck with a right amount of hem around the waist continuing down to the floor length featured with spaghetti straps with it is an interesting combination of cute and sensual. Wearing this kind you should try to keep your look simple and you will look simply ravishing. Combine it only with some coral lipstick and some diamond rings.

Celebrity Style

Get another gown inspiration by this one. A crossed open cut out for a sexy twist at the front and outlining your waist down to a wavy skirt it just gives a glamorous look. Wearing this floor length beauty enhanced with a cleavage detail will leave everyone under huge impression you will look like a celebrity. Match it up with metallic sandals and a bracelet.

10. Daring Appearance

Wearing a one-shoulder white gown with a daring thigh-split you will look super sexy and chic at the same time wearing a thigh split one shoulder attire by Ralph Lauren. You can style your elegant gown with silver heels and a matching clutch regarding the dress code.

This kind of color must be the most exciting piece in your closet because it is wearable in the summer and can guarantee you great appearance because you can style it in many ways, for any kind of evening parties. There are plenty of ways to spice it up and turn it into something that is totally you. Also keep in mind that you can choose from hundreds of gorgeous white different length evening dresses, from ruffles, tiers to lace to complement the style of your own. Men who are in a search for romance are going to be drawn for you to light, comfortable bright dress rather than white suit. If you intend to wear bright, you need to concern the message you intend to send.

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