One of the most exciting achievements that Yannik Collin, the Canadian actor has racked up in his short time in Los Angeles was getting representation. Not long after this tall charismatic actor arrived from the Great White North, he secured two agents and one manager. If that doesn’t sound shocking to you then you need to start reading more. Getting an agent is the most important thing an actor can do when he or she is going professional. Let’s put it this way: if you don’t have an agent – you basically don’t work in Hollywood. If you don’t work – then you are not a professional actor.

That agent represents you, the actor and gets job interviews and auditions for you. Most producers, directors and casting agents won’t even give you a first look without an agent, so it’s imperative that you have an agent. That’s what makes Yannik’s achievement so incredible. He not only got an agent soon after he stepped foot in California, he got two agents and one manager. That, of course, signifies that Yannik can act and has something going for him besides his good looks. He said, “So seeing that there are people who actually believe in me is a relief and it does feel good inside. I’m not taking any of that for granted though, it’s important to keep proving them why we are on the same team and why they should stick with me.

Since he’s been in L.A. Yannik has acted in movies, TV, music videos and stage plays. He’s also enrolled in Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory where he plunged himself into intensive acting classes and learned numerous acting techniques including Uta Hagen Scene Study and Strasberg Technique. He has studied almost every major method of modern acting for stage, TV and film.

What has been Yannik’s favorite role to date? Good question! When we asked him he told us that “I am a recurrent guest on a popular radio show called “Accent On” that is airing on the LA Talk Radio station and I have my own segment which is called “Accent On Yannik”. It is a great opportunity to meet many different people from all around the world that all have something in common, arts. I am always so excited to talk to those people and hear about what they have to say, they always surprise me with the achievements they accomplished in their career.” Yannik brings a lot to the show as he does in all of the productions that he is a part of.

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