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Healthy Benefits of Kayaking for Women


Are you a woman and you want to get out on the water? Take a kayak with the best kayak fish finder and go fishing or exploring. Kayaking is a form of exercise that provides individuals with a great view and experience. It can be done as a holiday activity, sport, fitness workout or a hobby. It’s important to note that women who would like to go for kayaking water shoes are footwear’s that are quite versatile for all water based activities. So having the best water shoes for women will ensure you have a great experience when kayaking. Kayaks are great when it comes to lakes, rapids, streams, and rivers. They are easy to transport, lightweight and are quite versatile. The following are health benefits of kayaking to women

. Mental Health

Kayaking exercise is a form of aerobic workout activates the releases of brain chemical generally used to elevate your moods. If you need a clear mind, stressed, or depressed. Paddling a kayak can provide a relaxing exercise that will help relax your mind. If you have been in a kayak on the lake /river and you enjoyed the surrounding of the environment while watching the whistling of the trees, birds are flying and the rhythm of the water or a waterfall you will agree with me that it really help you relax your mind. It has a harmonizing feeling it and allows you in meditation.

Great Source of Vitamin D
According to some online research study, 59% of women in Australia suffer from vitamin D deficiency. If you are a woman and you would like to keep your vitamin D level up with exposure from the sunshine, it’s advisable to go for kayaking. It will get you out of the house, and you will enjoy the environment, wildlife, and the sunshine.

Improves Heart Health
Kayaking boosts your heart health by burning calories reducing cholesterol thus low chances of cardiovascular heart diseases. Increasing your paddling pace will bump up your heart rate that will help you reap cardio benefits. It’s a delightful way for women to attain a low to medium intensity cardiovascular workout.

Weight Loss
Moving a kayak for about 3 to 5 miles an hour will require and effort of 0.1 hp that is going to burn almost 400 calories per hour. Do you want to lose weight paddles for some few hours and you will burn some amount of calories which reduce your weight. Research indicates rowing or paddling burn calories faster than biking. Consistent short kayaking session helps build your stamina allowing you to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Reduce Stress

It is commonly known that exercise reduces stress by relaxing your nerves. While paddling and rowing you move your muscles while traveling on calm water on the lake or river that makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Women like to hear calm water normally sounds in the evening to assist them in relaxing their minds when they are stressed.

Improved Core Strength

Rotating and all the balancing while paddling improves your core strength in general. The core section of the body is made up of the lower, and the upper abdominal muscle is fortified which helps in reducing the abs. This is not all about becoming slim or anything else but to look strong. Kayaking helps tone your shoulders and arms without beefing them up. It also helps you prevent injury by making your back more strong.

Improves the Isometric Effect on the Legs

The pressure enforced by the legs while paddling, balancing and turning the paddles tighten the muscle in the legs which makes them strong and straightened. And no matter what goals you have, the effect will be great.
Kayaking is Good for Abs
Kayaking session will make you paddle and switch them from one side to the other consistently. This results in a twisting movement of the torso, eventually working your waist and abs, therefore toning them. Abs’s are common in women. If you are a woman who struggles with cutting down your abs kayaking is a good choice you go for.

Build Positive Self-image

If you consistently overcome the extreme challenge of paddling a longer distance or white water rapids than you practiced the last session will create a positive self-image. Research from Journal Leisurability indicates that kayaking helped individuals improve their self-satisfaction, sense of self and social skills.
The moment you decide to take a few weeks of kayaking session will greatly improve your health in a tremendous way. You will start to feel less fatigued on your kayaking session. Kayaking is an inexpensive activity after the initial purchasing of the kayak as the water if free and open to anyone. It has its benefits over going to the gym which you have to pay the monthly fee. Kayaking is good for both your mind and body as it will help you refresh, relax and attend social activity thus building a strong relationship with the community. Regulate your blood sugar level and reduce your blood pressure. Regardless of hours you take on your kayaking exercise, you will reap the benefits as a woman.

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