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How to choose the right colors for your colored shoelaces


Your choice of shoelaces can speak volumes of your personality and your style! That is why we find nowadays that there are a huge number of choices in terms of colors and designs to satisfy different tastes and styles. Moreover, one of the most important things to take into consideration while choosing your shoelaces is the color. Actually, it goes without having to say that our choice of colors says a lot about who we are, how we look and how we feel.

The classic colors such as black and white are without a doubt easy to match with different shoes and with every outfits basically, and they look always good, but with time; these classic colored shoelaces may make you look boring and not so fashionable. That is why it is probably more preferable to go for other colored shoelaces that looks more fun, more stylish and gives a sense of individuality and creativity. As we said before, the market of shoelaces is now full of choices especially when it comes to colors and prints. Therefore, you do not have to worry about not finding what goes with your style and your taste. From classic colors to more vibrant ones like yellow, red or pink shoelaces, the number of choices is endless. The choice of the color is all up to you!


As we all know that every color has its own significance and gives a certain vibe. For example, a red shoelace will not only give your shoe and outfit a pop of color and personality, but the red is a color of power and strength witch will give you a little “push” of confidence and coolness. The pink being mostly a “girly” color, choosing pink shoelaces will give without a doubt a very cute look and it goes with different colors especially white and grey. But depending on the shade of the pink shoelaces you have, you can expend the choices of the colors of your outfit.

Some of the most well-known shoelaces are printed, sparkle and dual-colored ones.  The best thing about those shoelaces is that they add a really cool and fun touch to your daily outfits.  They also add a pop of personality and individuality to your most ordinary pair of shoes. And of course, such items are not really expensive so you can get different styles of unique stylish shoelaces for the same pair of shoes. I’m sure you will be amazed how much the look of the shoe will change just by changing the color of your laces.

While a lot of teen nowadays are used to wear different colored shoelaces with very funky and unusual colors for their sneakers, the new thing is that these colored shoelaces are no longer restrained to sneakers but they can also be used with dress shoes. We will not go so far as to use pink shoelaces in this case, but blue or yellow shoelaces can be a very good match with brown shoes. The trick to have a successful formal look with unclassical colored shoelaces is to choose thin shoelaces so that the color doesn’t look too much and not to try too hard in matching the shoelaces color with the outfit.

The only thing that you have to do is to put some more effort while choosing your shoelaces. Try to think out of the box and explore some new cool shoelaces with different styles and colors.



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