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Celebrity hair stylist José Eber has all sorts of tricks (and tools) up his sleeves for sleek, shiny hair … even in humid spring weather.


Rainy season has struck New York in the form of a seemingly endless monsoon. While this is good for the flora and fauna of the city, it’s not so great for our hair, which tends to frizz to Grace Coddington proportions if left unmanaged.

To get the latest tips and tricks on transitioning your hair care regimen from winter to spring, The Powder Room caught up with celebrity hairstylist José Eber.

The Beverly Hills master — who just opened a new salon at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara — says the cardinal rule of spring hair care starts while you’re still in the shower.

“Obviously the number one thing is your choice of shampoo,” Eber tells us.

It’s best to choose a brand that packs in moisture — Eber loves Parisian hair care line Phyto and carries it at all of his salons. “My clients are totally addicted to it.”

And there are ways to help your hair and scalp recover from months of extreme weather.

“Your hair needs moisture, especially when you go through weather changes. It’s almost like what you do for your skin — everyone puts on creams during the day, and at night, but a lot of times, you neglect the hair,” he tells us, recommending a conditioning treatment every three to four days.

Another shocker? American women are using shampoo de trop.

“I hate to tell you, French women do it at a maximum of two times a week,” Eber tells us. That doesn’t mean skipping the shower altogether — just wash your hair and use a rich conditioner and detangler. When you do use shampoo, Eber recommends his own Shampoo Cleansing Foam ($17.50, “It’s filled with ingredients that lock in moisture,” he tells us. And true to form, we found the shampoo gave us light, luxurious hair with plenty of shine.

The French hair guru also has a line of beauty products available, including the Therapy RX Moisture Boosting Tool ($169), which seals in moisture and helps repair damaged hair using infrared lights, much like a steamer would in a salon.

Though I really loved the results and noticed glossier, less frizzy hair after only one use, it took an additional 20 minutes to really get every section of hair through the tool.

Eber also offers a wet-dry flat iron, the lazy girl’s dream tool. “You need damp hair,” he tells us, “but you can almost bypass the drying.” When I tried it on my (very curly, very thick) hair, I noticed it worked, but I had to pass over sections several times to get my hair dry. It would likely work much better on someone with fewer curls.

His Quickshine Infrared Blow Dryer ($219, is another tool Eber recommends to seal in moisture. The 1800-watt dryer is small but mighty — and also uses infrared technology — but weirdly shut off twice while I tried straightening my hair (perhaps because it was overheated?) Regardless, I noticed my hair dried more quickly, and had a noticeable sheen to it.

In the end, though, Eber says the formula is simple — choose a great shampoo (but only use it twice a week), and keep your hair healthy with frequent conditioning.

“Healthy looking hair is appealing, it’s sexy, it’s beautiful, it’s fabulous,” he says, “and that’s what it should be.”


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