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EDGE 99 Style With Attitude


It doesn’t matter whether you are hitting the town on a Friday night, or representing your local sports team – looking the part is still critically important for many women.This is why EDGE 99 collection of women’s clothes, footwear and accessories is one of the biggest around and contains products from all of the biggest fashion and sporting brands,  including Nike, adidas Reebok, North Face, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and EDGE 99.

All EDGE 99 pieces are created to enhance your confidence during the most intense workout, while still maintaining comfort and style. Their high-quality sports apparel will look and feel as good as you will look and feel in it – in or out of the gym!

Why not feel extra good by finding the sport that’s totally you? Move your body with heart-racing, pulse-pumping gems. Snap up workout dresses,Backpack, Bag, Classic Bag and more. Get running, cycling and swimming essentials or unwind with yoga, or Pilates. Whatever your pace, whatever your sport visit now (www.brandsaleuk.com) and buy sportswear of your choice .

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