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How to accessorise your summer dresses

When you’re getting your wardrobe ready for the summer months, you may be wondering about what you can do make your holiday dresses look as good as possible. Thanks to the collection by Malene Birger you have a great chance of wearing some beautiful dresses, and it is vital that you know how to accessories them so that you can wear them for several occasions with a different twist each time. You should find that the ideas in this blog are very helpful, and give you the inspiration that you have been searching for.




Change the feel of your outfit with your footwear

The great thing about footwear is that you are able to change the entire feel of an outfit simply by thinking about what you’re wearing on your feet. If you are going for a more casual look, then you might think about wearing flat shoes which could be open toed if you’re planning to wear them on a beach or to an event in a park. If you are hoping to transform your dress into something worthy of evening wear, then you could choose to add some killer heels to the ensemble, and this is a great way of making it look extra classy, meaning that you are sure to turn heads when you arrive.

Think about your jewellery

The jewellery that you choose to wear can certainly make a huge difference to the overall look of your outfit, so this is definitely something that you need to think about carefully before you make your final plans for your outfit. If you want to draw attention to a certain part of your body such as your neck or wrists, having a chunky statement necklace or bracelet could be great for this. If, on the other hand, you are hoping for the focus to be on your dress, then keeping your accessories small and understated could be the best option for you. You may also want to consider the watch that you are wearing, and make sure that it matches the colour scheme of the dress that you have chosen.

Your handbag is everything

There are many options to think about when you’re choosing your bag for an event. Many people choose to make a statement by wearing a chunky handbag, whereas others simply want to keep things minimal and use a clutch bag to keep hold of everything that needs to be carried. The colour of the bag is a great excuse to make a statement and have a clash, or it could complement your dress for a classier occasion and leave you turning heads and looking great.

No matter what you choose to wear as an accompaniment to your dress, you are certain to be able to find a way to look great regardless of the occasion. Having so many options is great, as it means that you can fit the dress perfectly to your needs, and look forward to wowing the crowd when you arrive at the big event.

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