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Are Animal Onesies a Passing facade or are they going to stay?

Still fond of your childhood friends i.e. the cartoons and love to dress like them just once a while? Or maybe you are fond of play-acting and costume dramas and are ready to pick any character up just to showcase your acting prowess. In such a situation a onesie is the best option to solve all your effective characterization woes.Onesies are jumpsuits which are loose fitting casual outfits suited to provide convenience and comfort to the wearer.

Initially, they were started as an alternative to nightwear but nowadays they have gained popularity as street style fashion thanks to their trendy looks and the comfort offered.

Animal onesies  are the newest fad which has taken the fashion and the theatre industry by a storm. Not only are these cute dresses available in various shapes and sizes to suit all ages alike they are a rage with people who love participating in costume plays. While these onesies are quite a hit in the theatre and plays you can also find them being used in the following setups:

• Disney or any other theme parks –People don the getups of their favourite cartoon characters and bring them alive in front of the visitors and give them an experience of a lifetime.
• Six Flag Parks –These parks display the antics of Looney Tunes characters and DC Comics characters
• Cedar Point Parks –These parks have all the characters of the Peanuts comic strip brought to life.
• Mascot for International Games- Be it the Olympics or any other international games having a mascot is a must and this is where using an animal onesie becomes an absolute necessity.
• International Fairs and meets- To attract a larger amount of traffic towards their stall or shop countries use people masquerading as cartoon characters or their national animal.
• Fancy dress competitions- When participating in any small time fancy dress competitions often animal onesies act as easy alternatives to fancy dresses or Halloween costumes. So if you do not know what to wear this Halloween just getting an animal onesie is the best answer.

The basic purpose of using these onesies in costume plays is to keep the fantasy level high .Viewers are definitely attracted towards shows which offer them a realistic experience coupled with an enchanted world feel too. Most of these animal onesie costumes are generally made up of the costume and makeup separate but in certain cases like non-human onesies these costumes cover the person completely.

The most advantageous fact of an animal onesie is that it is made of extremely comfortable material. Not only that the onesies are stitched such that there is ample scope for the wearer to showcase his skills without feeling the pain of being dressed up so. Apart from this the fact that these onesies are so reasonably priced that you do not have to feel the pain of buying them makes them hugely successful.

Just like each good product has its own flaws an animal onesie also is something which can be treated as an object of ridicule by others. Making sure that the costume that you select is easy to wear and take off in an emergency situation is one precaution that is necessary to take care of. Purchasing a costume which not only fits you but is also a little on the loose side makes it convenient for you to breathe and perform at the same time.
Wearing an animal onesie is a beautiful way of being able to express yourself in the form of an animal and keep the entertainment level high too. Loved by kids and adults alike these costumes in any setup are a big hit. It may be a small event like a house party or a theatre performance but these easy fit costumes keep the interest level high of the audience and keep them asking for more.

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