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Easy Shipping to Italy from the USA through Meest Drop-Off

Drop-off services are gaining popularity as a trouble-free way to adapt to people’s busy lives. For shipping to Italy from USA, it is enough to deliver the already-formed package to the Meest, UPS, or FedEx drop-off locations. What procedure would you go through to send a parcel?

How Is It Convenient to Use Meest Drop-Off Service for Shipping to Italy from USA?

When a package is created by the sender and delivered to the drop-off location, it’s known as a “drop-off service.” It is highly convenient if the delivery agent offers a variety of drop-off locations and has agreements with multiple delivery services across the country. You can arrange your schedule during the courier or delivery office’s operating hours.

Here are some obvious advantages:

  • Flexibility — ship when it is convenient for you.
  • The number of drop-off locations is constantly growing.
  • Most drop-off places are open late.
  • Drop off your package without having to wait in line.

So, if you need help getting to the Meest office, the company welcomes you to its drop-off locations, be it a Meest, UPS, or FedEx. To check the actual shipping from USA to Italy price, go to https://us.meest.com/services/service/delivery-to-italy.

Choose Between Meest, UPS, or FedEx

To benefit from the Meest drop-off service, register on the Meest Portal first. This exceptional service was developed to improve the quality of customer service and make sending, tracking, and receiving parcels as comfortable as possible. Here are step-by-step instructions on shipping from US to Italy:

  1. Go to your profile on the Meest Portal.
  2. Click on Create a parcel.
  3. Enter the parcel data (country, weight, length, height, width) and click “Calculate.”
  4. Check prices for available delivery methods and select pickup.
  5. Confirm that you are not sending prohibited items.
  6. Fill in the contents and quantity of the parcel.
  7. Sign.
  8. Make payment.
  9. After printing the label, attach it to the package.
  10. Deliver the package to the Meest agent, UPS, or FedEx location closest to you.

Some Advice for Sending a Package through Drop-Off

Meest service has ensured you send packages to Italy with maximum comfort. Check the following positions:

  • Ensure your box is securely packaged to reduce the risk of damage during transit.
  • Check the recipient’s country and the parcel size so that there are no questions about determining the shipping cost.
  • Be sure to indicate the recipient’s address clearly and show the “sender” address.
  • Pay attention to insurance. If your item is valuable or difficult to replace, we especially recommend this.
  • Make sure all labels, receipts, and instructions are printed.

To find out how much it might cost to deliver your package, visit the website, enter the country, and see how much it might cost to use any of Meest’s delivery services, including drop-off

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