Discover Manhattan Book Group Publishers: A top NYC hybrid publisher. Achieve success with their unique approach and stellar reputation. | Girls Mag

Discover Manhattan Book Group Publishers: A top NYC hybrid publisher. Achieve success with their unique approach and stellar reputation.

In-Depth Review of Manhattan Book Group Publisher

Manhattan Book Group Publishers is a leading hybrid book publisher in New York City. They provide a unique publishing experience by combining traditional and self-publishing services. Authors can retain full rights and royalties while benefiting from Manhattan Book Group’s professional services. Many have shared glowing reviews of the company’s exceptional hybrid publishing services.

Overview of Services

Manhattan Book Group provides complete services before and during book publishing.
Before producing the book, they offer professional editing, custom book cover design, illustration, ISBN assignment, help picking a title, keyword research, market research, writing the text on the back cover, and sending the book to reviewers.
They use partners like Ingram to get their author’s books into over 30,000 stores worldwide during production. This includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and independent bookstores.

Notable Features

Manhattan Book Group is unique because they choose which books they work with. They do not help every author who asks them. They only choose to work with authors who have written excellent books that they think are right for their company. This makes Manhattan Book Group different from other publishers who will print any book.
Another thing that makes Manhattan Book Group stand out is its promise to market the books. They say that they will make sure every book they accept gets on one of Amazon’s lists of bestselling books. They also say the books will be talked about in prominent media outlets.

Credentials & Reputation

Lots of people think Manhattan Book Group is excellent. They were named the Number 1 Independent Publisher in New York City by a website called Kev’s Best. In 2022, they also got the Best Publishing Service Award from the Stellar Business Awards.
Some famous people say good things about Manhattan Book Group, too. The actress Mariel Hemingway endorses them. A newspaper called New York Weekly said they are a “reliable and viable” choice for people writing books. Manhattan Book Group is proud to be part of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

Being praised by awards, famous people, and organizations shows that many people in publishing think the Manhattan Book Group does top-notch work. They have a sterling, or fantastic, reputation.

Author Testimonials

Many happy writers have worked with Manhattan Book Group. Maybell Fisher thought publishing a book seemed scary, but Manhattan Book Group made it easy and stress-free. She couldn’t wait to review her experience with friends and fellow writers.
Erna Bartell liked that they skimmed her manuscript and were clear about each step. Dr. Merle Berger wrote a number one Amazon bestselling book with Manhattan Book Group. She said they made publishing easy even though she was a first-time author.

Ongoing Author Support

Manhattan Book Group wants to be more than just a publisher for those who write books. They see themselves as real partners who care a lot about each author’s success for a long time.
Manhattan Book Group tries hard to give education, help, and advice to authors during the whole process – before printing the book, while getting the book ready, and after the book comes out. They don’t stop serving authors after just printing and distributing the books.
Manhattan Book Group keeps giving authors helpful knowledge from their experience at each step.


Manhattan Book Group Publishers is an excellent hybrid publishing choice, especially for writers who live in New York City. Their one-of-a-kind way of doing things and fantastic reputation among publishing people make them the perfect partner for any writer who wants a professional experience. Many writers have shared positive reviews about their rewarding collaborations with Manhattan Book Group Publishers.

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