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Uncle Bud’s CBD Coconut Body Wash

Say goodbye to skin woes once and for all with Uncle Bud’s CBD body wash that is guaranteed to keep your skin soft and smooth. CBD infused body wash has many skin benefits that is bound to impress you. Whether you’re suffering from eczema or dry skin or worse arthritis, thanks to the anti-inflammatory ingredients present in the product that leaves no room for dryness.  

Formulated with pure CBD oil and Hemp Seed oil, the coconut-smelling formula leaves your skin hydrating and fresh.

Unlike other anti-bacterial body washes, CBD infused body wash not only kills bacteria but also ensures that your skin gets the love it truly deserves. The body wash contains the essential Vitamins (A, D and E) that tackles other skin issues like discoloration, and aging.

The Hemp Seed oil is an effective medicine for your skin that helps to moisturize your skin and keep your wrinkles at bay.

It’s completely safe to use and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals such as THC. Start your morning and stimulate your senses with the Coconut body wash and feel refreshed.



-Sulfate and Paraben-free

-Moisturizes your skin

-FDA approved product

-Rich in Vitamins A, D and E

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