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Actress Profile: Marina Zoreva

supposed to be a theatre production we started in March but due to one well-known reason we had to switch to an online version of it, which was quite challenging.

The pandemic definitely slowed things down if not stopped them for a while, recently I started to get some auditions since the industry started to reopen, none in person though, which is good in the current circumstances and sometimes more convenient. Although I have to admit I still prefer the in person ones, they are more of a real experience for me.

Looking back to the time I just started my acting career at Stella Adler acting academy I definitely feel how much I’ve grown as an actor, an artist and as a person in general. And I get more proof of it with every new project I take part in. It is like a muscle, the more you train it, the easier it gets every time, hence the more you become capable of. It’s fascinating really.

It gets harder to single out my favorite projects with the number of them growing. I feel as if a lot of them are challenging you in different ways. I’d say I love Shakespeare plays (I did Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and various scenes from other plays). I think Shakespeare is very demanding but at the same time the most rewarding material an actor could approach.

So the greatest achievements of my career so far I consider the chance to work on the amazing classic material such as Shakespeare, Chekhov and Ibsen. They all carry an enormous amount of weight and responsibility, and at the same time pose a great challenge for everyone involved to convey the timeless ideas to the audience which gets more distracted and unimpressed every year.

I’m very grateful for everyone I got to work with. The industry might discourage you sometimes but when you meet and get to work with people who are passionate and dedicated to the art and craft as it is it’s an amazing experience. I always love to work with such great minds as Timothy McNeil, Christopher Thornton, Rick Peters and Jake Sidney Cohen. And such actors as Alec Ebert, Steven Bridgeman, Andrew Garrett are great to share a stage/screen with.

I have several projects coming up, one was postponed sue to the virus so hopefully we’ll get it going next year. It is a version of a musical with I am really excited about. It is hard to plan things in the current circumstances though.

What I’d recommend aspiring actors is to never give up on your passion and take every opportunity to act and create. Never stop learning and bettering your craft because there is no limit to it. And the last but not the least, the story comes first, acting is never about yourself and your ego.