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TOP 4 Worst Apps For Travelers! Alternative is HERE!

How many travel apps you have on your phone? Modern people use many different apps. Some of them are really useful. You can’t go out without Uber car or Tripadvisor’s smart advices. But there are many more apps for your phone or iPhone that can also help you with your vacation. Check them first. There is no need to use all of them. So, which are the stars, and which are the wasted space of your phone?

There are useful apps that all travelers MUST HAVE according to the users’ reviews. The best apps with the highest rates are:

What are they, the apps you will never use or use rarely?



Applications are needed for your comfortable traveling and travel experience. Sure enough, you have already found a lot of great apps you can’t travel without. Also, you may also find some complete duds.

  1. iWasHere App

This application can be classified as a communicative app. What is the point of it? You can share with your friends interesting parties and events you visited. What a good initiative! But you don’t need this app if you already have the old multitasking Four Square. iWasHere is difficult to use and designed not for sharing but rather for confusing people. It’s nothing but wasting of your time.

You may use Four Square instead!


This app is necessary only for the cities where people use metro for transportation. Of course, there are many different city transportation apps you can find in the internet. This app can help you only if you know exactly where you are and the address where you are going. How is it possible to learn the addresses in a new city? It would be much better if the app guides you instead of taking an exam in geography. It’s like you need an app and a paper map on top of all.

You may use All Subway app instead!


  1. Visit Denver

Denver is a popular touristic place for all travelers. Colorado is a huge territory with many touristic attractions. It would be much easier to explore the city with the help of a useful app. Of course, you may always ask locals but it is important to be well prepared when you are exploring a new destination. Try Visit Denver app to find something in the city or check in at certain spots and to find new ones. As it finds out, the app is not easy to use. But still, there are people who are experienced enough to use it wisely. So, if you are going to use Visit Denver for finding interesting events to do in the city, it’s a good idea. But if you want to learn more about each event and their alternatives, it is better to use Four Square.

You may use Four Square instead!

  1. US Airways App

If you are an experienced traveler you should know that US Airways is the best popular airline in the USA. That would be strange that the most popular airline doesn’t have its own app. It is extremely important in our days giving people opportunity to book a flight, pay for tickets, and even pick the route with the help of their phones. As it found out they have an app! Go to their website and you can read the information about US Airways booking service available from your mobile device. But as the practice shows, there is no such an app or it has not yet corrected to work in a proper way. Therefore, people can find many alternatives to book their tickets in the fastest and the most convenient way.

You may use SkyTeam instead!


You may pick apps depending on your own travel plan. Of course, you may think that it is better to ask locals or make a call to your friend who is an experienced traveler and has visited this place before. But what if your friend is busy and locals cannot get what you are asking for? Your travel process will be much easier with 2-3 useful apps on your phone. Do you have a list of your favorite apps? Orf course, such apps like WhatsApp and Skype are often used for communication. But think, which of them is more preferable to use? Which one is the fastest and never sets you back? Just check all the apps you have on your phone and pick the best and the most useful of them. It would be great if you use multitasking apps which help you to make calls, find a way, and read about all popular restaurants and prices.