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How to Survive When You Are Lost In New City: 6 Simple Steps!

What are you afraid the most when you are traveling in a new city? Of course, you want to travel safely. Some people really have an ability of getting lost and getting back home safely. How? First of all, try to rent a car with GPS. The best cars are available here: AVR LAX (in case you are being lost in Los Angeles. Otherwise, you can enter any other location). But don’t worry if your GPS works badly or you don’t have it at all. Here are useful tips to help you to follow your route and never miss your way.


You will never lose your way if you follow these rules:

  1. Always plan your trip beforehand

Naturally, when you want something to go well, plan it carefully. It doesn’t matter how near or far you go your trip should be planned. Simply, when planning a journey, you save much time and nervous. Even if you are going to the nearest village, planning ahead will save you from getting lost on the road. How to plan your trip on a new territory? Just visit touristic websites, watch videos, and male a list of everything you want to do on the way.

  1. Don’t forget maps and GPS

Stop panic if you forget your map at home! Hotels, touristic agencies, souvenir shops always have free maps or maps for sale. Then, try to find your hotel on the map and circle all places you want to visit in the city. Also, it would be great to mark such useful spots as a police station, a gas station, a free parking, and a supermarket. Sure enough, hotel manager can help to find something on a map if you can’t find it on your own. Also, when planning a trip and searching all needed information in the internet, you can make screen shots and use them to guide you when you are lost. GPS devices in your car are also helpful and make your trip more comfortable.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions

This is a golden rule of all travelers. If you feel like you are getting lost, just ask for the directions. Of course, it is better to ask locals because they do know their native city from A to Z. They can tell you everything about their territory. So, you can contact them not only if you need some help, but also when you want to find a cheap place to eat or stay for night. Don’t ask other travelers like you. It can be useless and just takes much time to find out what you want and what they mean.

  1. Look around!

Looking around is very useful for travelers. Just observe your surroundings not only for security reasons but also for navigation. When you go through a new place it would be useful to read signs, pay attention to interesting buildings, shop windows. Also, try to read the address to know where exactly you are and check your map.

  1. Use your photographic memory

It often happens that you travel through the country where all provinces or cities look different. Sure enough, when you travel through the same province again and again, you can find many similar rules and orienting points. Try to use your memory and capture this information for the future trip. The more you travel the more information you store in your memory and the more experienced traveler you become.

  1. Use technologies

If you think that using a rental car with GPS is enough, you are wrong. First of all, you need your phone with all possible apps on it. Carrying a big map is not as much helpful as carrying a smartphone in your pocket. Just think how many useful apps you may download and use on your way! The app can solve almost all your travel problem like renting a car, booking a hotel room or a table in the nearest restaurant. Also, the phone app helps to buy tickets for a football match, to the museum, or save your life when you feel like you are in danger. There are many applications that help you in getting away or even meeting new friends. You can find a cheap stay for this night and take the last-minute rental deal in the airport. That’s so great you can see what is around you and share this information with your family and friends in a LIVE mode.

Make these simple tips you travel rules. They are good for every country and every new location. Of course, when you feel like you are getting lost you feel nervous and uncomfortable. You don’t think about rules! Stop! Breathe! There is always a way out! Besides you will never know how many interesting places you may discover when you lost your way. Try to calm up and change your route a bit. Every situation you are in makes you wiser, smarter, and more experienced.