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Editor Aayush Gaur Continues His Reign On Hollywood Through His Multi-Talents And Creativity

Pretty much everyone likes movies and pretty much anyone you talk to, if they had the chance, would love to be in the movie business. Not everyone has the chance or the opportunity though to step into the entertainment industry, but some people, like the very talented movie editor Aayush Gaur made the opportunity for himself. Since he loved film and grew up in India watching Bollywood Hindi Cinema, he knew early on that there was really nothing else for him to do in life but be in the film industry. 

So, he earned an animation degree in college and as he pursued filmmaking and storytelling from an animator’s point of view, he discovered wonderful films from other countries such as Great Britain, the United States, France and Korea, which made him rethink his goals. He decided that he wanted to make movies in Hollywood as it was the hub of filmmaking in general but also the center of making more realistic sci-fi films and movies which used a lot of VFX (Visual Effects). Aayush packed his bags and with the support and blessings of his family in India he flew to the states and enrolled at The Los Angeles Film School. He dove in to all the classes that taught him how to use state of the art editing software and camera work. 

Aayush poured all of his energies into the art and craft of filmmaking and editing specifically, and he worked hard at putting all of his film education to work. Since he wanted to be an editor, which is the last phase of filmmaking, he took jobs working with camera crews to get a real grasp of what it takes to make a film from the beginning to the last day of shooting before it comes to the editor who puts all the shots together to make the show flow smoothly and to make it an understandable story. He has worked steadily in Hollywood for the last eight years and has worked his way up to chief editor on countless projects including some award-winning short films and highly praised fashion films/documentaries.Some of the short films he has edited are: Duplicitous, 1-800-SOO-LATE, Alive, The Chefs, From a Barren State to name but a few. He also edited some great fashion films and documentaries such as: A Day in Venice, I am a Los Angeles Entrepreneur, Fly or Bic Helicopters, among others. The multi-talented Aayush also has worked as a camera assistant and a director.

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