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Missus Love Skin Care


The Korean beauty industry has taken the world by storm. Along with their vast array of skin care and cosmetic products, the culture itself has permeated Western beauty circles. Koreans are known for their fair, white and glowing skin, popularized by famous K-POP and drama stars, their skin routines are carefully examined to extract the secrets of their perfect complexions. It wasn’t until recently as the Korean skin care industry started selling their products to people like us, overseas, did we catch a glimpse of the routines and techniques they used to achieve the results we sought after.


No need to guess anymore, the answer is skin whiteners and bleachers featuring safe ingredients like Niacinamide. Able to be applied anytime of day without negative effects, niacinamide has started to take over from the traditional skin bleachers like hydroquinone and resorcinol which have been know to come with side effects. Niacinamide can be complimented with the likes of retinol which will help skin cell turnover, exposing the lighter, newer skin lying underneath.

This is where MissusLove.com comes into play. They have developed proven skin whitening products in the form of creams and lotions which can be used morning and night. Inspired by Korean traditions, they formulate their skin care products with as much natural and organic ingredients as possible including skin restorative products like plant stem cells from Wakame Seaweed and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). They claim within 4 weeks you can see clearer and lighten skin so don’t hesitate and give them a try today!