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Brazilian waxing


How many times you’ve wanted to go to the beach but have those undesirable body hairs peaking out? The solution for showing a smooth skin free of hairs is hair removal. A pretty common practice among women and even men these days. There exist several ways to remove body hair like threading, shaving, hair removal cream, waxing.

The Egyptians and the Greeks removed almost all of the hair on their bodies via a proto-waxing process Nowadays, you can easily get rid of any unwanted hair on every spot of your body: legs, arms, face, bikini also call Brazilian waxing a great process that makes the hair less thick and easy to remove

Benefits of the Brazilian waxing

  1. Skin health: the waxing also exfoliates the skin and removes lifeless cells giving it a bright aspect. Follicles open faster and wax doesn’t need to stay on the skin for long, this prevents allergies.
  2. Smoother skin: because it will be free of hair.
  3. Longer lasting results: the Brazilian waxing banishes the hair from the root so it will take longer for them to grow thinner than they were before.

Risk during the Brazilian waxing

Because it’s high temperature can cause irritation if it isn’t done by an esthetician but at home on your own. They are some conditions that prevent you from doing the process like acne, hematomas, varicose veins you should always talk to the esthetician about this issues before getting in a wax salon. Waxing cause less damage than other procedures like hair removal creams full of a chemical that can be irritating to the skin as the cream can cause burning if left on for too can check waxing reviews .

Dos and don’ts of Brazilian waxing

  1. Be relaxed and it will make the waxing easier. Forget about the anxiety and the tension. The more relaxed it will be painless.
  2. Wear cotton underwear
  3. The hair should be at least ¼ inch long to get the best result, so don’t shave at least 8-10 days before the waxing procedure.
  4. Inform the wax specialist about any skin issue or any medication you are taking.
  5. Don’t tan the area the two days before the appointment.
  6. Don’t consume alcohol or caffeine the day before, it cause tightens pores.