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8 must have home cleaning tools in your life| Learn what equipments need for cleaning an apartment


Your apartment will be more tidy and clean if you have the right home cleaning tools to clean an apartment. Even if you are a single with a two-bedroom apartment and all, still there are some cleaning essentials that you can deny; unless you don’t want your home to make a landfill site. Don’t worry they will not cost you so much.

8 must have cleaning tools for your apartment

So we have listed some necessary home cleaning tools small to large that you need to take care daily or occasional dusting. Have a look below,

  • Sponge

One of the basic cleaning tools for any home is a sponge. You can use it for cleaning almost everything. There are many types of sponge available that works best for different types of cleaning. Like,

  • Cellulose sponge- dishes, basin, table, daily spills, etc.
  • Abrasive sponge- gills, cookware, etc.
  • Cellulose+abrasive combo- dishes, cookware, grill, everyday spills.
  • Dobie-general cleaning, ceramic and nonstick cookware.
  • Dry sponge- fabric, carpet, curtain, removing fur from sofa/bed/divan.
  • Magic eraser- dust, debris and residue off from electric devices, pencil/crayon marks from furniture.
  • Metal sponge- metal cookware.
  • Squeegee

It’s a versatile tool that can clean an area or object within a short time you can use it for cleaning chalkboard, shower stall, cars, etc. also its efficient on cleaning pet hair from carpet, rugs, and bed.

  • Broom

A broom is a standard tool for cleaning dust, debris, mud from hard floors. It helps dusting home, hallway, garage, walkway, etc.

  • Dustpan

After a broom, you need a dustpan to get rid of all the mess that you collect lately. Dustpan comes with a long and short handle for more convenient use.

  • Scrubber brush

Even you have sponges and cloths you need a scrubber brush that can help you remove stubborn stains. This type of brush has long or short bristles and efficient on cleaning an old stain from the wall, floor, etc. some brush comes with double side bristles, and some has single.

  • Old toothbrush

We throw out old brushes most of the time assuming they have no use anymore. But that’s not true. You can use an old toothbrush to clean tiles gap, floor joint, etc. for detail cleaning. This brush also helps with cleaning cage, electronic devices window grill, fence, net, and other items.

  • Spray bottle

The spray bottle is another essential cleaning tool for every household. You can use it with water, vinegar or any DIY cleanser. Spray bottle used for cleaning mirror, glass door, window, table, cabinet, and other numerous things.

  • Vacuum cleaner

And how can we forget vacuum cleaners? Its one of the most versatile and essential cleaning tool for a modern household. A vacuum cleaner can dust, brush, and wipe depending on what model you are using. A high-quality vacuum can be applied on laminated, carpeted, wooden floor, on curtains, sofa, mattress, upholstery, etc. nowadays vacuums are getting more light and smaller for user comfortably.


There are some other honorable mentions like, mop, pet vacuum, microfiber towel, etc. that comes in handy in a while wiping floors, deal with pet fur and all. Also, don’t forget to get some cleaning agents like, detergent, dishwashing soap, glass cleaner, bath scrubber so you can use these home cleaning tools efficiently.