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Tips to find quality and affordable jewelry


For any purchase, buyers wish to achieve cost-effectiveness, which means getting the best deal which gives the highest quality while minimizing cost. Whether the piece of jewelry is an eternity ring to act as a gift for a loved one or a gold wedding ring, there is need to look carefully into the quality and compare it with the cost.

When buying jewelry, there is always a big risk of either being overcharged for a piece or being given a low-quality product at the normal price. With jewelry, it’s all about getting the best deal. Below are some of the tips for finding quality and affordable jewelry.

Shop at authorized dealers

When shopping for jewelry in an authorized dealer, there are two key pointers; you are guaranteed the same quality of product and also a lower price. The quality is maintained because the dealers get their wares from the manufacturer without making changes to the same.

Regarding price, the authorized dealer cancels out the need for a third party or broker, with whom the cost would escalate. Due to the fact that they get the product from the manufacturer, the dealer can also give an assurance, which works as a mark of quality.

Shop for jewelry in sets

Most jewelry pieces come in sets. These include buying a watch which includes the watch itself and a hand bangle. Buying in sets greatly reduces the cost of purchase.

Go for seasonal sales

Seasonal sales have a percentage of the total cost of the jewelry cut off. These seasons may include the duration before the fiscal year of most companies is closed down, and they prefer to sell out the stock spilling over from the previous year. Other seasonal sales such as Christmas offers do not need to make it a clearance sale but as a way of appreciating their clients. During these seasons, the dealers sell the same quality of jewelry as that on normal days, only at discounted prices.

Have an idea of what you want

When one knows what they want, they are able to note the priority attributes. Knowing the attributes which are key helps one shop over a wide variety of jewelry, and finally, come out with the one which is offered at the most favorable price. Let’s be honest, even though you can buy cheap tungsten rings, they definitely do not look cheap at all.   It’s easier to judge on the preferred quality when one has a rough idea of what to expect, so the only thing they have to make a decision on becomes the price.

Shop during the festive season

During most festive seasons, most jewelry stores over-stock. This is an advantage to the client because they are assured of the availability of good quality products. During festivities, there also are giveaways, which are basically the same products but with a special price. Timing is key in jewelry shopping, with the festive season being the best time to shop, according to statisticians all over the world.

Be flexible about style

When you are rigid about the style of jewelry you want, it gets very hard to get the specifics. A serious buyer should be ready to compromise the style of jewelry and focus on other attributes such as quality and appearance.

It’s very hard to get a piece of jewelry that satisfies personal preference 100%. When shopping for jewelry, one should be free to tell the jeweler the estimated budget, from where the seller brings a number of jewelry designs to be chosen from. A flexible person chooses that which catches the eye, while a rigid shopper might go out empty handed.


Jewelry shopping should be done with the budget in mind. Be it shopping for American tungsten or normal rings, there is need to involve and weigh the thoughts of the seller.