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All You Need To Know About Rocking Chair Styles


The smooth back and forth movement of rocking chairs conjure up feelings of intense comfort. Rocking chairs have been traced back to the late 1700s in England. They were available in America in the 1800s. It is not quite clear, but Benjamin Franklin is credited for bringing the rocking chair to America.

In the 1950s rocking chairs were made popular when US president John F. Kennedy’s doctor recommended that he use a rocking chair to ease pain.

If you plan on shopping for a new rocking chair for a nursery or just for relaxing outside with a hot mug of tea, you better know the different styles available.

The basic feature of rocking chairs has hardly changed over the centuries. However, the styles have evolved in the couple hundred years of their existence. From the Bentwoods of the 1800s inspired by greek, roman and renaissance artistry. Folding chairs of the 1920s to contemporary designs, featuring new material.

Most of the older traditional design have persisted to this very day and are available in stores.

Here is All You Need To Know About Rocking Chair Styles.

  1. Bentwood Rocker

One of the earliest style of rocking chairs to exist. It was designed and crafted by a German craftsman Michael Thonne in the mid-1800s. Bentwoods are distinguishable due to their roman, greek and renaissance inspired artistry. They are characterised by graceful flow shapes and are lightweight. They feature curls and swirls because of the carving of wood when forming its members- handles, rocking legs and backrest.

  1. Gooseneck Style

This is also one of the earliest styles that can spice up your front porch. Originating from the 1800s it is one of the most intensely designed rocking chairs from that time.It is characterised by handles made of wood curvings resembling goose necks from where it acquires its name. Although a rocking chair requires only a gooseneck shape in their handles to be put in this category, some had the shape in all their trimmings.These can be very stylish especially in traditional homes.

  1. American Mission

These were handcrafted rocking chairs that emerged during the industrial revolution. Possibly a reaction to the mass production of furniture in industries during this time. It is characterised by simple lines- horizontal and vertical. It’s distinguishable feature though is its square, squat silhouette. They are mostly made of oak and look quite modern.

  1. Contemporary Style/ Modern

Life in the 21st Century is all about style and comfort. The modern style has been inspired by the development of new technology both in machines and materials. Designs are characterised by cushions to increase comfort and ergonomic design that attempts to mimic the form of human beings seated. Apart from wood, modern rocking chairs are also made of plastic and metal. Contemporary design started emerging in the 1950s and 60s and feature many different shapes. Theylook classy in modern interior decor.

  1. Amish Style

These are made by the reputable traditional sects. It is characterised by contoured seats and backs. The contoured seats and backs are made by curving dried hickory or oak wood. Amish rocking chairs are signed by their makers for authenticity.

  1. Moris Style

This is a low lying, upholstered rocking chair. Which is its most identifiable feature considering most rocking chairs are not upholstered. The upholstered material may be made of fabric or leather.

Whether you are looking for something for the outside space or the nursery, the above will serve you well.You can either go for the vintage, rustic or modern styles depending on the theme you may want to achieve.