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7 Best Shades of Blonde for Short Hair


New hair colors are on the rise every day. After all the short hair color trends we’ve seen in the past, it seems surreal that any new coloring style is left out. Of course, what can even be better than balayage or rose gold hair? Well, the answer is blonde. The blonde spectrum has hundreds of various variations in tones and shades. So, selecting the right kind of blonde for your hair can be a little tricky but don’t worry because today we’ve picked out seven of the best shades of blonde for short hair that will make you take the plunge to change your short hair color!

  • Pure Platinum

Platinum blonde is a shimmering white blonde. Blonde is a very popular hair color however, only 2% of the people in the entire world stay naturally blonde. If you’re ready to take your hair to the next level of blonde, talk to your stylist and get your hair platinum as it will be the “it” color for 2018 short haircuts that you wouldn’t want to miss. Like blonde itself, no two shades of platinum blonde are alike so, you may choose a bright platinum, dimensional or icy California with baby-lights.

  • Beige Bombshell

What is multidimensional neutral hair color that falls in between both warm and cool tones? The answer is a beige blonde that makes every skin tone look ultra-flattering.

  • Striking Silver

The coolest and ashiest shade of blonde that looks almost metallic is silver. Silver color will forever remain in fashion. It’s modish, it’s different, and attractive. However, achieving the bold striking silver blonde hair is not an easy task. What are you waiting for? Get on the phone and book yourself an appointment to the salon ASAP.

  • Shiny Caramel

The rich warm shade of caramel blonde makes your skin glow equally as golden and compliments best dark skinned individuals with short haircuts. It is not the shade to make a bold fashion statements but it can be flawlessly carried by anyone. It’s suitable for people who want to keep it natural.

  • Sandy Goddess

For pale skin an light eyes such as grey, blue or violet subtle tones work best. Sandy blonde hair color is rich and subtle and elegant for 2018 short hairstyles. If you desire a nice sandy blonde hair color then fix a meeting with your hairstylist to get the perfect blend of light and dark balayage tones.

  • Buttery Blonde

Buttery blonde has gold hues with splashes of honey-yellow that complements warm skin tones. This luminous color is perfect for light to medium pearly white complexions with warm undertones.

  • Golden Girl

Golden blonde has light gold highlights with a darker base that flatters any skin tone. The golden tassels look sun-kissed against radiant complexions. It’s a deep blend of butter, honey and gold hues which look ravishing. Nice gold highlights will give you a sun kissed golden girl look.