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What’s the Best Acoustic Guitar For a Beginner?


If you are a beginner, buying an acoustic guitar will be a great investment. Because there are so many options that are available, choosing the best can be an overwhelming task. You need to examine different factors so that you can get a guitar that sound and feels great. The fact that you are a beginner doesn’t mean that you cannot pick the right guitar. Once you have the right information, choosing a guitar will be easy. Here are some important considerations to think about when choosing the best acoustic guitar for beginners.


If you want to buy the best acoustic guitar for a beginner, the first thing that you should think about is the budget.  There are different types of acoustic guitars that come at varying prices. Set your budget and stick to your budget when you are making the purchase. If you do this, it will be very easy to rule out many types of guitars. As a general rule, if you are buying a beginner guitar do not spend more than 300 bucks.


Another important thing you need to check I how the guitar feels when you are playing. Examine different models and strum the chords to know how the guitar feels on your thigh and palm. Always choose a guitar that provides you with a nice feel.

Laminate or solid wood top

For potential players on a tight budget, you can choose an acoustic guitar with a laminate top. They are affordable and do not vibrate so they do not produce rich sound as compared to the solid wood top. To determine whether an acoustic guitar has a laminate or solid wood top, you just need to ouch to get the feeling of the top. Guitars with laminate tops are smooth and glossy as compared to pure wood.


Many beginners end up buying the wrong acoustic guitars simply because they do not know the top brands that provide quality beginner acoustic guitars. You need to choose a guitar from a recognized brand. Some of the top brands that you can consider include Fender, Takamine, Yamaha, Epiphone, and Taylor just to mention a few. The Yamaha FG700S acoustic guitar is a highly rated model for beginners that provides quality sound and provides a nice feel.

Guitar bodies

There are different guitar bodies that you can pick depending on the sound you want. You can either choose classic-style which is ideal for players who do more finger picking. Dreadnaught is the most common style of acoustic guitar used by many players because of their booming sound. We also have jumbo guitars which resemble classic guitars in shape and loudness if the dreadnaught styles.


Final Words

Now that you have the effective tips to look for when buying an acoustic guitar, you can be sure to get a quality model that suits beginners. As a beginner, you can also seek the help of an experienced player to help you pick the right instrument. I believe you will not find it hard to pick the best cheap acoustic guitars available today.