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Shaving body hair with trimmers for both men and women

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Shaving body hair with trimmers for both men and women

Body hair is one of the most troubling issues for women. However, this type of hair may be a source of dignity for some men, while others consider it disgusting. In most cases, most men and all women seek a solution for body hair with the use of different tools and grooming products.

Most noteworthy, let us agree that shaving body hair is one of the most important topics for most people nowadays. When we consider body hair, we need to search for basic tools that will help in this process. Your body needs grooming and care with special and healthy tools to avoid any skin problems.

Body hair trimmers are one of these tools that can achieve all the required work with ease. Before you use a body hair trimmer, you need to know some basic instructions about the tool; and how to use it.

Basic features of a body hair trimmer

If you have decided to use a body hair trimmer, then you need to consider some basic features that make a good trimmer. These features have a relation with the quality of the trimmer and ways to achieve perfect results. Each tool has its own features, which are designed for specific purposes.

Your needs will determine the basic features you should find in your body hair trimmer. As a result, not all tools will fit all users, because each trimmer has a special design for some specific targets.

Design and material of your body hair trimmer

Each body hair trimmer depends on a special design for the blades, shavers and body of the tool. This design will determine the quality of the product and its performance. In addition, the material of the tool assures the durability and versatility of the tool.

Most trimmers have a plastic housing of the tool and some other trimmers depend on metal and plastic blends. However, the best body hair trimmer has a metal housing made of stainless steel or chrome. These materials will keep your tool corrosion and rust free with their water resistant nature.

Moreover, be sure that your trimmer is hypo-allergic that will not cause any skin issues when using on sensitive skin. Most blades, shavers and foils of the trimmer depend on stainless steel. However, some of these tools may use bad quality materials that will cause serious skin conditions.

The design of a body hair trimmer is of three types. Small, medium and full sizes. Your needs will determine the size and design of the trimmer. Furthermore, you need to choose the size that provides a comfortable using of the tool. Do not forget that blades, shavers and foils have direct contact with your skin, which deserves care.

The head of the trimmer will hold the blades and shavers, so this head should have self-sharpening blades to ensure long lasting tool. Some of these heads depend on titanium and chrome. These materials are perfect on the skin and they will not cause skin conditions.

Power of the trimmer

A quick review on the available body hair trimmers finds that there are two main types of this tool. First, corded trimmers are the ones that depend on direct power supply. A corded trimmer should have enough wire length that will enable you to use the trimmer freely.

Nevertheless, some users may not prefer that type of trimmers, because they will not be suitable for using under a shower. On the other hand, corded trimmers will give you a direct power supply, which means a full power of the motor.

Second, cordless trimmers are the tools that depend on a built-in battery for power. Cordless trimmers are the most common tools, because they provide free to use. You can use this trimmer under a shower or at any place. It has a rechargeable battery with no wire restrictions. It gives you full control and ease of using.

The most important factor in cordless trimmers is battery life and the required time for recharging. The best ones will need short time of recharging and long battery life. In addition, there is a newly developed feature of cordless trimmers. This feature will enable you to recharge the battery quicker than before. Turbo charging enables you to recharge your battery in no more than two hours.

The suitable time of battery life is approximately 50-120 minutes. The most notable battery types are lithium, which can support your tool with more than two hours of power.

Some trimmers come with recharging cable, while other come with recharging base. A cable will do the required recharging, but the base is better, because it will have another function of storing the tool.

Versatility and adjustability of the trimmer

Old fashion of body hair trimmers was depending on a mono-function tool that do trim body hair only. However, newly developed trimmers provide multi-purpose blades and heads. Most people will prefer a trimmer that do many functions rather than trimming body hair.

The number of accessories come with your trimmer will be a matter of consideration. Moreover, you need to choose a tool that will do many shaving and trimming roles for your body and facial hair.

Choose a full body grooming kit that contain nose trimmer head, shaving foil, beard trimmer, close shaving trimmer, different sizes of trimmer heads, guiding combs, ear trimmer, detail trimmer and a wide trimmer head. These accessories will provide a full kit of body grooming. In addition, they will save money and number of tools.

We prefer to buy a complete kit rather than paying for a special tool for each part of the body. Some trimmers has adjustable heads, which provide different hair length trimming. This function will help in removing body hair and facial hair as well.

One of the common heads of a body hair trimmer is the shaving foil. You can use this head after trimming your body hair with the trimmer head. The shaver will give you a close shaving for smooth skin and you can use it if you seek a beard shaving. Some other trimmers depend on different guide combs for the trimming head. Be sure that these combs are of high quality and they are adjustable.

Finally, a body hair trimmer is a tool that cares for your body and it has a contact with your skin. It should be safe and secure on your health and skin. A body hair trimmer is a tool that you can buy one time in your life if you follow some basic features. Do not forget the quality of the design, material and performance of the trimmer. Your choice can make big difference when it depends on the previous factors.