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Sleep is the Key to Your Beauty Routine


Everyone knows that they feel better after getting a good night’s sleep, but not all women realize that snoozing is actually an important part of your beauty routine. Not only will you feel great when you wake up, but you’ll look great as well. Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of great sleep.

Radiant Skin

Blood has a hard time flowing effectively when you are tired, leaving your skin looking dull and flat. Sleeping gives your body time to produce the human growth hormone, which is critical to producing collagen. If you skimp on sleeping then you lose out on some important time that your skin repairs itself.

Poor Sleep Affects Your Fat Cells

When you experience as few as four nights of poor sleep your body has trouble using insulin. Your sensitivity to insulin can actually drop by up to 30%. This means that you will have more fat in your blood, causing your body to make more insulin. Your body will eventually store this extra insulin as fat in places like your liver.

Brighter Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are really common in people who aren’t getting enough sleep. Sleeping will naturally reduce the puffiness of the skin under your eyes, and staying hydrated will help, as well.

Healthier Hair

Blood flow decreases when you don’t get enough sleep, and that can negatively effect your hair follicles. Your hair will actually be weaker and have a harder time growing when you aren’t getting enough rest. In addition, the stress that comes with being tired increases your cortisol, causing you to lose hair.

Better Smile

When you don’t get enough sleep the corners of your mouth will naturally begin to droop, giving you a sad expression. People who are tired tend to frown more which can cause more winkles over time, giving you a permanent expression of being unhappy.

Beauty Products Work Better

Your skin is already working hard to repair itself when you are sleeping. With the increase in blood flow already occurring, any creams or moisturizers that you apply before going to bed will be able to work better.

As you can see, getting sleep each night is an important part of your beauty routine. No amount of makeup or creams can make up for not getting enough rest, so if you feel like something is missing, start sleeping smart.

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