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Dry Hair: What Causes It and How to Naturally Nourish It


Dry hair is infamously hard to handle. It’s difficult to brush and brittle. Split ends abound in dry hair, simply because strands are more prone to scaling than normal or oily hair. If you have ombre hair (hair that is darker at the roots to mid-shaft, where it begins to get lighter), then you’re even more prone to dry tresses since you hair has endured processing at the ends.

What Causes Dry Hair?

There are a number of causes of dry hair, including genetics, pollution, prolonged exposure to sun, frequent heat styling and colouring.


How to Treat Dry Hair

While every hair type comes with its own unique challenges, dry hair is often particularly challenging, namely because it is hard to avoid the things that aggravate it. You can’t stay inside all day, nor can you change your genetic makeup or avoid exposing your hair to all pollution. However, there are ways to give your parched locks a healthy hit of hydration.

1) Limit Washing

Your hair needs all the natural oil it can get, so don’t wash your hair more than three times a week. If you must wash it in between showering, use a dry shampoo. These are enriched with nourishment, and the water won’t strip away your hair’s already limited moisture.

2) Style with Care

You don’t have to avoid styling your hair altogether, but you can simmer things down a bit. Towel dry your hair and allow it to air dry as much as possible before styling. When you do style, reduce the temperature of your blow driers and irons.

3) Rinse Rules

When you do wash your hair, steer clear of cold or lukewarm water. Warm water – like hot styling tools – will further singe and damage hair, sucking it dry of all nourishment. Cool or lukewarm water will give your tresses smoothness and added shine by closing the scales on each strand.

4) Eat Well

You probably already know that your diet is reflected in your skin and your waistline, but it is also reflected in your hair. To nourish dry hair from within, eat whole foods with plenty of vitamins, mineral salts and fatty acids. Salmon, avocado and almonds, for example, are powerful superfoods for your locks.

5) Deep Love

Give your dry hair some hard-hitting, deep penetrating TLC by using a deep conditioner once a week. Pro tip: wrap your hair in a warm towel to help the treatment really penetrate your each hair strand. Just like cold will close the shaft, heat will open it, and when you are trying to infuse each strand with moisture, this is a precisely what you want.

6) Brush Break

You should definitely brush your hair, but give it a break from de-tangling and don’t brush more than twice a day. Dry hair is already prone to breakage as is, and brushing can aggravate the condition. Boar bristle brushes are particularly gentle, and recommended for dry hair. Another tip? Only brush your hair when it is dry. Use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle when wet.

7) Trim and Conquer

Finally, to get rid of unsightly dry ends, get your hair trimmed every 2 – 3 months. You can’t repair dry, split ends: you can use serums and the tips we’ve already mentioned to minimise their occurrence and appearance, but the only way to get rid of already damaged hair is to cut it off.

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