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Self Storage Words of Advice

Self Storage

Storage Unit Austin is a great option for homeowners looking to store away some old furniture, for renters looking to make more room in their apartment, or for students looking for a temporary space to store away their belongings.  Storage units are also a great option for businesses looking to store away supplies and excess inventory.  Before you decide to find a storage space for your storage needs, be sure to read the following tips to help you ensure the safety and maintenance of your possessions.

Don’t store flammables:

When you rent out a storage facility, they will remind you to never store any form of combustible or flammable items.  Some appliances use gas, before you store them away, be sure to drain the gas out of the appliance.  The last thing you want is to have your valuables and everyone else’s valuables to catch on fire!

Buy a Padlock:

Many storage units will make sure to provide you with a secure space where you can trust that your belongings are safely stored.  Even if your storage facility offers strengthened security, it is a good investment to buy one or two padlocks for additional security.

Cardboard boxes v. Plastic Containers:

How do you plan on storing away your possessions?  If you plan on mostly storing furniture or bulky items, you don’t have to worry about containers, but if you plan on storing files or other tiny belongings, consider either cardboard boxes or plastic bins.  Cardboard boxes can be a great option for storing paper goods, while plastic bins is a great option for other random things.  Clear plastic bins help prevent things from water, dust, bugs, and so forth.  It also makes it easy for you to keep track of what is in each box, so you don’t waste your time digging through boxes.

Fill up Cardboard Boxes:

If you are planning on using cardboard boxes, first of all, make sure the boxes are around the same size so you can easily stack them and have an efficient use of space.  Using cardboard boxes also means having to make sure you fill up the box completely.  Even if you do not have enough items to fill up a cardboard box, it is important to fill it up with newspaper or other filler to make sure the box doesn’t collapse at any point in time.

Prevent mildew and humidity damage:

Humidity and mildew can become a serious problem for your belongings if you plan to store furniture, clothing, or anything made of fabrics.  If you plan on storing away clothing, be sure to invest in either a plastic bin or a vacuum sealed bag, which will save space and keep everything in mint condition.  For furniture, it is best to place furniture apart from each other so air can flow freely, preventing mold to build up.  Cover your furniture with either fabric or a form of plastic wrap.  It is also good to put plastic wrap to cover the ground to prevent water damage and leakage.

Protect your Metals:

Often times people choose to store away appliances in addition to furniture goods.  For appliances made of metal or anything that is made of metal i.e. filing cabinets, bikes, etc. you should protect them with a coating of rust protector.  You never know the conditions of the storage units; if it is humid, then your metal belongings may be subject to rust.  Rust protector is not expensive and is very easy to apply.

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