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The FAQ’s about Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

Electric Vs Manual Toothbrush

Studies and research have revealed that electric toothbrush is worth using for better results and cleaning. Still there are constant debates over which one is the best. Some studies have revealed that both have almost the same performance while other studies find electric toothbrush anytime better than the manual.

There are innumerable manual as well as electric toothbrushes in the market. Best electric toothbrush club reviewed some great electric toothbrush in their blog. The main advantage is the power toothbrush produces greater number of strokes up to 41,000 whereas the manual will at the max produce 800 strokes. The power brush also produces vibrations helpful in removing plaque. It is made possible with the fluid dynamics which is produced by the vibratory action.

With manual brush one has to exert more pressure which is not in the case of power toothbrush that works with minimal pressure.  The power brush offers you the exact time of brushing while this fact is overlooked in the case of manual.  People suffering from arthritis, elders incapacitated or children that lack dexterity, the manual toothbrush prove incompetent. Here the power brush is the only fittest solution.

What to look for when buying?

Below are some of the options we have observed as available on electric toothbrushes. Some important features to look for while buying an electronic toothbrush are electric toothbrush timers, brushing duration timers which provide a guideline for users related to the total amount of time they should brush. A dentist will often refer to the mouth as composed of four “quadrants” (i.e., the upper left teeth, the lower right teeth, etc).

Some electric toothbrush manufacturers incorporate timers into their brushes that signal intervals indicating how long you should brush each single quadrant of your mouth. Usually these timers trigger every 30-second. Then there is brush head size. The precise size and shape of an electric toothbrush’s brush head will vary by brand and model. Obviously a grown adult will be able to accommodate the use of a larger brush head than a young teenager. Additionally, those with braces will probably find that a generally smaller, more compact, brush head is easier to use than a larger one.


What are the Advantages of Using?


In addition to noticeably whiter and visibly cleaner teeth, the owner of an electric toothbrush has fresher breath than someone who manually brushes. This isn’t to say that the person using a manual toothbrush automatically suffers from bad breath, but statistics show an electric toothbrush cleans better. When the mouth is cleaner, the breath is fresher. The electric toothbrush can reach deeply seams and edge parts which are difficult to be brushed by common brushes. The electric toothbrush can sweep away the plaque and the bacteria, and make your tooth more beautiful.

A study comparing those who used an electric toothbrush to those using a manual toothbrush showed that while the manual brush did an acceptable job, the electric toothbrush cleaned comparably better. Not only does the electric toothbrush move quicker for a deep down tooth cleaning, it also gets under the gums, reducing gingivitis. In addition, an electric toothbrush is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other painful or debilitating conditions. In addition to noticeably whiter and visibly cleaner teeth, the owner of an electric toothbrush has fresher breath than someone who manually brushes.

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