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How Sulfate Free Shampoo Helps Damaged Hair.

Sulfate Free Shampoo

A woman’s hair has a deep bond with her beauty. No matter how tall, short, how slim , fat or whatever the skin tone she has if she has  beautiful, fine and shiny hair then surely she would be admired by everyone. Our hair not only enhance our beauty but also defines our personality, our beliefs, thoughts and style of living.

Hair is a symbol of feminity. We girls are so concerned about our appearance and style statement that even if we have to go to the market we will definitely straight or curl our hair. Doing low lights, highlights or simple dying our hair has become an essential part of our lifes.

Everyone has a right to do fun with their hair but you’re afraid to play and experiment with them as they will get damaged? Why not find a perfect solution which will solve all the problems?

In my opinion applying shampoos and conditioners which do not contain Sulfates is one of the best solution to resolve all your hair problems. What exactly Sulfate is? Well I’m here to guide you. The Sulfate is a polytomic anion that attract oil and water and is commonly known as aggressive detergent. Do we even check that our shampoo or conditioners are Sulpate free or not? No. Then why do we complain of hair fall and damage? Shampoos containing  Sulpate can be one of the reason behind these problems as it’s interaction with the skin can be really dangerous.

Sulfates free shampoos and conditioners do not contain Sulfate and they are a bit expensive than the regular ones. But it is better to invest on your good shampoo rather than spending hundreds of dollars on hair and skin treatments.

There are tremendous benefits of using Sulfate free shampoo which may include; reduction of scalp irritation, frizziness, dryness and hair loss.  Our scalp should be moisturized and Sulfate badly affect the natural oil of the scalp.

Women use straighteners more often because of the frizzness of their hair. This might solve this problem but can cause other problems too i.e hair loss, hair dryness and burning of hair. Sulfate free shampoo can also help reducing the frizziness of hair and moisturize them too.

In South Asia men and women reaching at the age of 35 start experiencing decolouration of their hair. They start using different hair dyes and shampoos that contain Sulfates witch lighten the hair colour more quickly and easily. You would have to dye your hair more frequently which will not only cause hair loss but will also badly affect your eye sight.

It’s not only the matter of your hair but also the matter of your body. Sulfates can unbalance the harmones of your body and once your harmones are affected it can cause excessive weight gain, irregular menstruation, excessive hair growth and even infertility.  As the shampoos and conditioners have the direct contact with our scalp and skin so try not to use the ones containing Sulfates.

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