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Chitrakoot – The Religious Capital of Madhya Pradesh


Chitrakoot is not an unknown name among Hindus for whom the epic Ramayan holds great significance. This place has reference to the holy books of Hindus and even to other sects. This beautiful town lies on the border of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh and is divided between the two states. It is well known for its religious as well as historical sites. You can even find many Ayurvedic and yoga centers in this town. The place attracts various pilgrims on the occasion of Amavasya, MakarSankranti, Sharad Purnima, and Deepavali. The beautiful Vindhya Range of mountains is spread throughout the region, and you will get many scenic locations in this town. Hence the area is also much blessed with the natural scenic beauty as well.

If you are planning to visit Chitrakoot along with your family members for a vacation, you can consider visiting these popular tourist attractions.

Gupt Godavari Caves

The amazing natural Caves attract many visitors during holidays and special occasions. The place is dedicated to Lord Rama, and it is believed that he stayed in this place along with Sita Devi during the exile period. It is believed that a hidden river flows through the cave and many pilgrims come to this place to get the blessings of the Almighty. The unique feature of this place is that the natural source of water found in this cave is very fresh and you can even drink the water.


This is an amazing place if you want to spend some time with your family members. You can go on a boat ride and enjoy the scenic beauty of Mandakini river. It is also a good idea to visit the place during the evening time to take part in the special arati program. The place is also very close to Bharat Milap where Rama met Bharat during his exile period.

Hanuman Dhara Temple

The amazing temple is situated on top of a hill, and you have to climb nearly 600 steps to reach the place. The temple is dedicated to Hanuman, and you can find an excellent stream on top of the hill where you can sit and relax for some time. You can also find an exciting place called SitaRasoi in the hills. The beautiful hill has many attractions, and you can get the best view of the entire town from this place.

Sati Anasuya Temple

The temple is on the banks of Mandakini River, and you can enjoy a peaceful time with your family members at this place. The surrounding area has forest cover, and you will be mesmerized to see the natural beauty of this location. The sacred Mahendrachal Parvat that was used during the Samudra Manthan lies behind the temple.

Sphatik Shila

The amazing place has the foot impression of Lord Rama and Sita Devi. The Sphatik Shila is very good, and the flowing Mandakini River adds charm to the entire location. However, you have to be careful with the monkeys in this place and avoid carrying any bags.

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