The automotive industry is one of the major economic and industrial energy in the world. This industry creates 60 million trucks and cars in a year. Half of the oil of the world are consuming by this industry.  4 million people are working in this industry directly and indirectly.


Though we know that large companies face a problem with low profit and overcapacity, the automotive industry holds a strong and important role even for the best blind spot mirrors. This industry pays attractive salary in great jobs and they ensure every benefit. They have strong linkage with supplier industry and political influence is very strong.

This industry’s age is 100 years old. It started its journey from German, France than lastly the USA. Vehicle capacity, efficiency, structures, safety has grown into the top of this industry. Here I will talk about 3 impacts on the automotive industry.

After 1920 the success rate has started to fall. The profit is decreasing day by day. The main difficulties started when the Japanese automaker has entered into this industry with success. The capital and the competition was huge. There were other problems like to meet the pending issues of govt and the recession of 1990-1991. The industry was trying by struggling with the market share.

  •    Fuel impact:

The fuel economy was not a major issue since 1981. But when the Japanese automaker has offered best vehicle price, style, and comfort with higher fuel economy than it was a major issue. For this reason, there was a major impact on fuel economy.

  •    Financial impact:

The cost of labor depends on the car models. Trucks are more profitable than other automotive. Trucks don’t need redesign frequently so the investment is low. Small cars are less profitable than big cars. Because the big cars hike high prize than features and size.  On the other hand, the Japanese sold two-door light trucks with profit. For this reason, the US market has lost a great market to them.

  •    Impact on human life:

The automotive industry has a positive and negative impact on human life. You will see the effect on family life and social life.

At first owning a car was for only elite class people. But for mass production, the car got available to everyone. So traveling got easy and the communication got much better. People started to make friends from another state. This made a radical change in social and economic life. Malls, super shops, theme parks have developed. The town and neighborhood got friends. In a word, the automotive industry brought a big change.

Now I will talk about the technology. Technology is an important part of our life. Without the technology human life is nothing else. From the creation of human life, a human has come so far by inventing and creating all the things for leading a happy and healthy life.

Technology has a great impact in our life. With technology, we human has taken control of nature and customized it for our use.  From the beginning, humans are controlling nature. Like to eat they started killing animals by hunting, fishing etc. they also used the animal skin to cover and protect themselves. Thus with using technology life of human became easy and healthier.

But technology has also disadvantage effect on our life. Here I will only talk about the bad effect of technology on automotive industry.

The 1900’s was the time of producing cars. The production was in mass. Gradually it became the main transport for all. The automotive industry turned into a big industry include for the best grease gun.

But the disadvantage of this industry has great impact on the safety, environmental and economic area.

As the cars run on gasoline, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons get a release in the air. For this, the air is great gets polluted. These gas are harmful to livestock and corps.  Cities were getting very much polluted and it was damaging people’s health.

After analyzing the damage steps were taken to control the air pollution. Taxes imposed on the gasoline user. The result was good.

Another main thing was to consider is the safety. At first, the production was ongoing on the basis of a feature rather than safety. But after noticing accidents, engineers focused on the safety of passengers. For this reason, we are getting new cars with better safety features.

Hope the 3 impacts on the automotive industry is well explained to you. The automotive invention has a great effect on human life than any other invention. This industry is just going up and up. Every year the cars are getting fast, lavish and safe for human. The use of cars will grow more in the coming years. You can see how the car controls your lifestyle like going in place on time, spending quality time with loved ones on a long drive. The communication has got more improved.

So the economic improvement grows gradually for the fast communication. Yes, there is a negative and positive side of this industry. To tell the truth, in this modern timing every invention has both negative and positive side. It is up to us humans to make the use perfectly. Nowadays we cannot think without the car. This transport has become an essential part of our life. All the tasks and communication of our is fully dependent on the car. So it is us human who have to control the negative parts and bring out the benefits part of the cars.

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